The Orlando International Airport is the first to be chosen electronically to expedite the process of international arrival

Posted on February 13, 2014 – 11:09 pm
Universal executives: Central Florida tourism industry getting

The Orlando International Airport is the first U.S. automate the form of arrival and departure, known as I-94, used by the "Customs and Border Protection" CBP (Customs and Border Security). Orlando was chosen due to the amazing growth of international traffic in the region. So far this year, the airport achieved a 13.7% increase in international travel.

"By being the first in the country to accelerate the process of international arrivals, there will be an improvement not only in the efficiency of their operations, but also on the ability of international reception, which is already responsible for more than $ 2.8 billion in annual impact of economy throughout the central region of the state of Florida, "said Frank Kruppenbacher, President of the" Greater Orlando Aviation Authority "(Aviation Authority in the Greater Orlando).

"The improvement in the efficiency of the process of rationalization and simplification, generated from the automation of Form I-94, decrease bureaucracy for passengers as well as the work of employees of Customs and Border Security, " said Vernon Foret, Director of "Miami Field Operations", (Solo Operations in Miami). "With this, millions of dollars will be saved by both the Security Customs and Border (CBP), as well as the tourism industry."

The automation will be implemented on April 30. In general, it is known that there is a reduction in waiting time of at least 20 seconds for each passenger. The information for each admission to the country will be generated from the data of passenger travel, have transmitted electronically. Those wishing a copy or evidence of admission should access the site for CBP to print a copy of your Form I-94.

Phil Brown, Executive Director of "Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, " said he was satisfied with the fact that the Orlando International Airport was chosen to be the first country to initiate the issuance of the I-94 documents scanned and said that in the current pace of growth of the international movement, this new electronic process will contribute to an improvement in services to users, causing a positive view on the passengers regarding their stay in Orlando.

The Orlando International Airport presented for four consecutive years, the highest annual growth of travel, and, in 2012, received 3.7 million passengers. Since 2009, international traffic grew by more than 27%, which represents approximately 806 000 passengers. The three main locations to contribute to the emission of tourists to Orlando in 2012 were: the United Kingdom, with a number greater than 510 000 passengers; Canada, contributing over 469, 000 tourists, besides the international market, which is growing more, Brazil, sending 157, 000 tourists to central Florida.


Um, it's what would of happened had

2010-01-04 15:48:39 by smartenz_up

There been no bailouts (Fed and Central Bank interventions prior). It would not have been pretty. I'm all for Glass-Steagal.
Unfourtunately, the banks you reference are to big to fail.
Even if this were all to happen people could still run up credit cards on stupid shit and get in trouble. Wal Mart will still not pay more than $8 and hour. People in Florida, for example, will still be dependent on tourism and healthcare etc for jobs which pay lower wages.

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