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U.S. bounteous, it is difficult to swim all in one trip. Because of time constraints, limited energy, funds are limited, want to see, and too many attractions worth seeing, choice is an art, it is more necessary to prepare before planning.
Find tourist information in the United States a few days ago, I saw a " The Rough Guide to the USA , "which include" 38-a Must Do "(38 Things Not to Miss), think it is a fine starting point.
These special "38-a Must Do" introduction, but also as a preparation before their trip information:
● "01 New York City, " New York City.
"New York City" topped the real true to its name, the United States and the United States tour car trip across the United States, in hopes across four time zones, straight from the Pacific coast of the Atlantic coast, New York course, have to stay a few days. Drove all the way because I was too tired, tentatively planned to New York after first participating Local Tour / City Tour itinerary, can rest balance out, can also be non-stop to see the New York Mets major attractions.
● "02 Savannah, GA", Georgia, Savannah.
This is a historic city, I heard that the South's most charming towns. Because Shun, should be able to have "a visit" opportunities.
● "03 Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL, " Florida, Disneyland.
Only been to Disneyland in Los Angeles, California, but I heard if Disneyland with Florida than it can only be regarded pediatrician. "Disneyland" has been the United States and the United States in the eyes of the world's most interesting places, since the return to the south, of course, have to detour a visit.
★ {Mimi Travels} SoCal amusement :: Disneyland (Disneyland Park)
● "04 Niagara Falls, NY" Niagara Falls.
"Niagara Falls" Zhuang Kuo eyes and ears of course, must be pro-gambling that counts, since the north to the "Buffalo" (Buffalo), of course, have to go look at Great Falls. However, because do not want to do a Canadian visa, only in the United States enjoy this first Hello.
● "05 Kentucky Derby, KY", Kentucky, Kentucky Derby.
U.S. horse racing circles inside the so-called Triple Crown race, one of the "Kentucky Derby" held annually in May in Louisville. As a result, this year's event has passed; secondly, the United States and the United States is not a horse racing fan; three years, do not want to travel through Central (from north to / from south back). So should not go through Kentucky.
● "06 Yellowstone National Park, WY", Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park.
Because the United States and the United States first came to the United States (September 2002), had been with the group "Yellowstone National Park", so this trip just skip Yellowstone Park.
● "07 Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA, " Louisiana, New Orleans Carnival.
New Orleans most famous carnival, this year about the world-famous carnival in February and March was held. I heard that girls will look tops off Luxiong (flash), a grand parade, etc., to hear people s heart. Although this year's carnival is over, but the return trip via the south coast of New Orleans, the city had to go back and look around.
● "08 Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA", Washington, Seattle, Pike Place Market.
Seattle is known as the most livable city in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" Seattle turn packaged into extremely romantic city. The United States and the United States in August 2003 was aboard the U.S. National Railways (Amtrak) Coast Starlight train number (Coast Starlight) train to Seattle (one-way 961 miles, about 24 hours), except for city tour, also went to visit the Boeing Museum of Flight (Museum of Flight), take a boat tour to Tillicum Village Indian villages, and even the sea to San Luan Islands (Saint-Ouen Island) whale watching, but also to Canada to watch "Abbotsford Air Show" yet.
Basically was very fun to play in Seattle. So, this tour around the U.S. trip, it would not then Seattle.
● "09 Glacier National Park, MT", Montana, Glacier National Park.
The United States and the United States in July 2004, once drove all the way to Glacier National Park Mountain (via "Crater Lake"), north of the Oregon departure, return Raozhi Utah friends. Although it is summer, Glacier National Park is also showing that many glaciers; also ride through Glacier National Park, the famous "Red Bus", through one of the world's most beautiful road of "Going-to-the-Sun Road (Xiangyang Road) . "
So, this trip will be skipped Montana.
● "10 Monticello, VA" Virginia, United States President Jefferson House.
Jefferson is not just the President, or the architects and horticulturists, his residence is of their own design. Although it will pass through Virginia State, but basically just walk around the coast, and is currently not being scheduled around Monticello.
● "11 Ancestral Puebloan Sites, NM", New Mexico, remains of ancient civilizations of the Americas.
Actually quite monotonous desert landscape, if driving through okay, For trek for hours to a bet charm views, or leave this for another bar. Just want to drive through Texas, New Mexico and other desert areas, do not heat death, the car broke down and do not, by the way gray days can appreciate the vast field of natural raw views.
● "12 Hiking in the Grand Canyon, " Grand Canyon, hiking.
First came to America with a tour group from Taiwan sightseeing, you have been to the Grand Canyon, but, of course, ride to the point, just to let everyone get off tour walk to see. I heard that the Grand Canyon has many scenic hiking trails, ah, or so next time.
● "13 Swamps" Southern Gulf Coast, Everglades.
Near the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. southern states have different views of the marsh, I heard extremely beautiful. Because the return trip will take around a large section of the Gulf of Mexico, hope to have the opportunity to look at the swamp, just do not know can not be reached by car? The United States and the United States do not want to walk unhindered in depth, in order to avoid temporary emergency when called not being heard by anyone.
● "14 San Francisco, CA, " California, San Francisco.
Since living in the Bay Area, San Francisco, compared with the entire United States, just like our own backyard. Not introduced it, the Central America trip will certainly not go around San Francisco.
● "15 New England in the Fall, " New England autumn red maple.
Northeastern United States six New England states (VT, NH, ME, MA, RI, CT), collectively, the color of autumn red maple, it will make people remember the beauty of a lifetime. Summer to enjoy the red maple can not of course the scenery, but as long to play a little bit of imagination, in fact, another green maple flavor.
● "16 Yosemite Valley, CA, " California, Yosemite Valley.
Probably lived in California for "Yosemite National Park" no stranger to the United States and the United States in July 2003 had made a special trip to Yosemite National Park, a bet on her charming style, so this can also be deleted from the list.
● "17 Eating a Philly Cheesesteak, PA" Pennsylvania, Philadelphia cheese beef sandwich.
Haha, love food Mei Mei, since the passing of Philadelphia (Philadelphia), of course, can not let go native Philadelphia: Philadelphia cheese beef sandwich (Philly Cheesesteak) Hello. Boss, give me 12!
● "18 Cheyenne Frontier Days, WY" Wyoming, pioneer days.
In late July each year in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a few days there will be a festival to commemorate the pioneers to promote the cowboy spirit, of course, horse stunts. Because just go through the city, the trip seemed just hope to have the chance to meet.
● "19 Hawaii's Volcanoes", Hawaii, volcano.
Hawaii's Big Island is a volcanic island, volcanic landscape everywhere, Oshima area is continuing expansion. The United States and the United States in July 2003 been to Hawaii, but also step on the darker, longer than the new (1982) on top of volcanic lava.
● "20 Sternwheeler Rides, " Mississippi, nostalgia cruises.
Take nostalgic cruise, traveling on the Mississippi, Mark Twain describes the experience of the world. Mississippi so long, the United States and the United States should only go to the sea in New Orleans look at it.
● "21 Aurora Borealis, AK", Alaska, northern lights.
I heard that want to see the Northern Lights was the winter, it is easier to see the aurora. But I heard Alaska summer scenery more beautiful, more suitable for sightseeing. Really hard to choose. But, anyway, to Alaska is got to take senior cruise to go, or wait for the United States and the United States have saved enough money to come back in the summer to go to the headache, or the winter issue.
● "22 Big Bend National Park, TX", Texas, Big Bend National Park.
Texas border with Mexico, is the largest U.S. state (Texas) is the largest national park. With only one across the river in Mexico as borders. Because far from advance planning the trip, it may be worth a little detour, stay one day.
● "23 Mount Rushmore, SD, " South Dakota, president Colossus.
In South Dakota, the head of the four major U.S. presidential Montenegro statue, even never witnessed mesh gambling, at least in the movies have, or on the photo read. So Hello, trip, 说什么也得 pilgrimage look.
● "24 Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN, " Tennessee, Country Music Hall of Fame.
Here called country music museum, where you can find everything about country music. Unfortunately, the United States and the United States want to leave Central return, so it will not go through Tennessee.
● "25 The Strip, Las Vegas, NV", Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip.
The world-famous Las Vegas, Las Vegas dissipation. The United States and the United States have been to Vegas several times, this of course can not go (to shorten the itinerary). The United States and the United States have seen an elderly after retirement to write casino life, so America OK envy! So, young man, if the money went to the casino Caesar money now; if old age, and has no money, go enjoy some free casino gamblers welfare is also very good too!
★ {Travels} Mimi Tour :: Casino Las Vegas Strip
● "26 Miami's Art Deco, FL", Florida, Miami, Arts architecture style.
Located in the southernmost tip of Miami Beach, Florida, is a world-famous holiday spots, from Orlando (Orlando) Disneyland southbound, need four-hour drive back and forth if we consider, on the far line eight hours (one day!) Of drive. I hope this is known as Florida's most beautiful beaches full tour can be worth a detour line.
● "27 Skiing in the Rocky Mountains, " the Rocky Mountains, Skiing.
The United States and the United States will not skiing, or other winter first Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe) and thought, and then challenge Rockies bar.
● "28 Going to a Baseball Game" baseball.
American Summer is one of the best entertainment game, come on back to the Bay Area with the Yankees Wang confrontation that field Taiwanese baseball event, failed to visit the site (only at home watching TV transfers television surprising interruption blanket, cut ~), had to wait for the next opportunity to say Hello. However, this back, will go through Chicago with Boston, if time permits, really want to see the matches it.
● "29 The National Mall, Washington, DC, " Washington, DC, the capital of the United States.
If you can not walk around the capital of the United States, may have been carrying American hillbilly title. So this trip, 说什么也得 stay in Washington a few days to see the White House, Lincoln Memorial, etc., is only seen in the movies attractions.
● "30 Austin Nightlife, TX", Texas, Austin nightlife.
Although Austin (Austin) nightlife is very charming, but away from the United States and the United States scheduled San Antonio (San Antonio) and distance, less than currently planned Dallas (Dallas), therefore, should not be made a special trip to Austin.
● "31 Driving Highway 1, " California Highway One.
Between San Francisco and Los Angeles, between the coastal Highway One, there are many sections of the scenery is really beautiful and breathtaking. Prior to Southern California because of play, he had specially opened a long section of Highway One, so this long trip, of course, have to go "AA highway" faster.
● "32 Chicago's Modern Architecture, IL", Illinois, Chicago, Moldova large building.
Is the world's first skyscrapers in Chicago, and Chicago has three skyscrapers has worked among the world's tallest building dominance. Although Taipei's "101" is currently the world's tallest building, but the United States and the United States always felt "101" only oaks from little acorns domineering, but the lack of sand into the tower of history, still have to go to Chicago look.
● "33 Graceland, Memphis, TN, " Tennessee, Graceland.
In "Memphis" Graceland here, almost all the "Elvis" (Elvis) bit by bit. Elvis fans all over the world have come here to mourn the mood pilgrimage Elvis. But the United States and the United States are not Elvis fans, so, or give someone else the chance to work with space bar.
● "34 Baltimore Crabs, MD, " Baltimore, Maryland crab.
Baltimore is a harbor, is the most famous seafood crab (Blue Crabs). Now through this city, of course, have good taste delicious crab, either steamed (Steamed crabs), or crab cakes (Crab cakes), are not to be missed. (Boss, give me a ten eat fresh crab!)
● "35 Mount St Helens, WA", Washington, Mount St. Helens.
Mount St. Helens in 1980, an active volcano erupt and destroy huge areas of forest, come here to witness the explosive with the destructive power of nature. On the back to Seattle, there was a circular saw Mount St. Helens erupted cinema documentary film, really stormy, imposing emotion.
● "36 Sweet Auburn, Atlanta, GA", Georgia, Atlanta, Martin Luther House.
Martin Luther was a famous American civil rights leader, his bloodless peaceful means to carry out social reforms, black civil rights leader, and thus won the Nobel Prize. And "Sweet Auburn" this historic birthplace of Martin Luther, there are many attractions to commemorate the pro-democracy leader.
Because it will go through Atlanta, there may be an opportunity to worship something around.
● "37 Saguaro Cactus" desert cactus larger hands.
Called "Saguaro Cactus" desert cactus, up to 50 feet, up to 40 larger hands, or even survive 200 years, the most common in the desert regions of the southwestern United States. The United States and the United States in June 2005 had been to Arizona Tucson (Tucson) visited "Pima Air and Space Museum" with "Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, " visible along the way many of these cacti, very spectacular. Anyway, the return will go through Arizona, there are many opportunities to appreciate the desert cactus.
● "38 Hitting the Open Road", 66 highway.
Nothing is more suitable than driving depth exploration of the east-west United States, a large country, particularly in the United States here, the quality of the road, just let this small island come from Taiwan Mei Mei openers: whether the Metropolitan, or backcountry, highways, long, straight and good. In addition, 66 highway to connect Chicago and Los Angeles, but also to show the U.S. is a melting pot of the nation the spirit of the road.
All told, the United States and the United States have been to about a third of the original attractions of it! That the successful completion of this tour trip around the United States, it is only very few spots to be swim, refueling Oh!

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