Lake Orlando Golf Club - Orlando, Florida

Posted on March 12, 2014 – 06:33 am
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You get what you pay for

I decided to play this course due to the price, at 15.00 for 18 holes how can you go wrong? Well, you get what you pay for. The tees and fairways are awful and are in terrible condition, I'm being nice. The greens for the most part are ok. The back 9 is far better than the front 9 by a long shot. The only highlights I can say are GPS in the cart. That being said I'd recommend this course if you want some practice at a cheap price.

what a guy

, 1/11/11 By A Yahoo! Contributor, 1/11/11

the gentlemen at desk [kempton] was very helpful. he put are bags on the cart and refused a tip.he made are out of town exp very pleasent.wish there were more people like this very kind gentlemen.the course was very nice and in good shape.

Terrible conditions and Terrible management

, 5/28/10 By A Yahoo! Contributor, 5/28/10

We called to find out about the course and was given incorrect information. When complaining to the manager whose tone was even uglier than the greens, we decided never to play there again .. Golf is a wonderful sport when played on well run and cared for courses.

Very poor golf experiance stay away

, 2/22/09 By A Yahoo! Contributor, 2/22/09

this is one of the worst run course i have ever played the staff was rude and it seemed they have very little mangement. we had to wait 15 min till they had golf carts available because they booked tee times so close together they ran out of carts the golf course was decent but if you have to wait 10 to 20 minutes on each shot it dosn't matter how good the course is i won't go back so save yourself the money and frustration just stay away.

Worst run golf course in Orlando!

This place has the most unfriendly staff in all of orlando. Thier GM yelled at my son for asking if we could walk saying "our policy is for riding and riding only!" His name was Charlie Barret. Their course conditions are horriffic compared to Northshore golf club which is cheaper green fees. They still have the overseed in the middle of May which is terrible for a florida golf course. Hopefully some new owners will buy this course which used to be run very well before the GM Charlie took over. For golf in Orlando i would definently look somewhere else or be very dissapointed.

Stay away from this dump

Surly employees, run down greens, and overpriced for this mess of a place! I played better golf courses in Iraq. (And the Natives in Iraq are friendlier too!) You would be better off playing put put on astro turf, at least that way you would keep the mud off of your good clothes! A definite "STAY AWAY" from this unhappy camper


, 8/23/07 By A Yahoo! Contributor, 8/23/07

I've been playing this course for over 20 years and I've seen some bad times but every time I go to play, I feel like it's my home course. No ... it's not in the same class as some of the other courses around Orlando .. but the pass few years Tommy and his crew has done a great job of improving the course. The greens for the most part are very nice. This course makes you play golf ... pick your clubs wisely. But, most of the holes, you can hit your driver and there is landing areas around the greens to allow you to get up and down. If you are a high handy capper .. play the front tees. Low handy cappers will enjoy playing the back tee box. Playing this course as often as I do, I will say that the golfers on the course are very friendly.

Lots of water and wildlife


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