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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Alas, it seems that my vacation in Community College would never arrive! Ufa.

But after I got rid of classes, tests and especially Mrs. Pain! (Now I will 'talk' like my dog when they take their cholera to take you for a ride 'Yehei that HAPPINESS!' Lol)

But now the plan is to come to stop writing about our 3 day stay in the city of Sarasota, located on the west coast of the 'sausage' upset of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

Are little more than 60, 000 inhabitants, but the impression one gets when driving through the center is that it is a BEAUTIFUL city of some 200, 000 people at least! There are stately buildings, wide streets, marina dotted with sailboats and yachts ... No talking on Main Street (the main street in the center), full of charming cafes, restaurants and art galleries.

Sarasota is on Tampa Bay and is 'protected' by at least three huge islands - known there as 'barrier islands' or 'islands that serve as' barrier 'against the open sea.' Was in Siesta Key that we stayed (about a half-hour from downtown), a kind of aparthotel (Tropical Beach Resorts) very comfortable and BESIDE the beach!

Incidentally, what can I say about the beach in Siesta Key? Only ever the same refrain: Here's ANOTHER magnificent beach in Florida!

But to my surprise it came Sarasota was when we left downtown and went a few more miles, always near the shore, to the Ringling Complex (the cultural complex built for the tycoon John Ringling and his wife Mable) that includes the Art Museum, their 'home' winter, the Asolo Theatre and the Museum of the Circus.

In fact, a visit to the theater and the museum of the circus we dissolved (the first for not being with no spectacle on display in the days we were there, the second by 'principle', since my opinion is the same about circuses zoos ! (See the post 'No Escape' of October 28, 2010 ...)

But back to Ringling Complex ....

John Ringling and his wife lived in the 30s and dying, left this magnificent oasis of culture, comfort, beauty and inspiration for the people of Florida. All surrounded by the most beautiful garden (which includes a huge bed of roses of various colors) and moreover by the sea!


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Part 2

2005-09-04 04:04:43 by jamaisvu

At least half the city is at or below sea level including the Central Business District and much of the housing stock of the city. Under normal conditions massive drainage pumps drain rainwater from the city. But even under “normal” conditions, poor areas of the city routinely face minor flooding.
As Hurricane Katrina promises to be the new textbook case for urban “natural” disasters, soc...d, but Florida received $16 billion when hurricanes hit in 2004. Contrast this amount with the $162 billion Congress appropriated for the first year of the Iraq war.
At the time of the hurricane, almost half of the Louisiana National Guard was deployed outside the state. Some, like the 3,000 members of the 256th Infantry Brigade were reportedly with critical high water equipment, in Iraq.

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