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Personal (167) Burning Autumn (2): look for Jenny Farm

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Three Friends meandering line (Jenne Farm, south of Woodstock, VT)



Wen: Chen Huaying / Photo: Chen Huaying Chen Mimi


In early October 2003, my mother and I and Mr. and sisters to take a trip to visit the east coast of Canada autumn tour. That way Autumn again and again, beautiful, and everybody naturally fun. But afterwards I always feel a little something more to say, because it was placed in Autumn hillsides of the frame on a few square inch, not only lost a shocking scene boldness, will seem tedious. A few years later accidentally read a report about Autumn photography, just realize that they are not the concept, there are many things to learn.

First of all, this story mention: North America there are large mountains in New England terrain, forest lakes covering, together with the special soil climate, with the world famous autumn. Staged annually in the nature of this year's most exciting drama, not only will attract one million passengers maple, there are many photography enthusiasts trek flock ... (Hey! Above, I know all that.) Next, the paper mentioned in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest area tourist facilities, according to statistics there are annually more than 700 million passengers maple ... (yes, 2003 fall camp tours I have to do homework before, so we joined the line 5 The statistics in this vast, crowded).

The next text, made ​​me eyes widened: ... But only 1.5 million visitors every autumn Vermont (Vermont), but often it is preferred photographers ... (Hey! That pour fresh, and one mystery lie?) State Central hills ... Because this stretch, trees mountains cengluan Die rack, trails winding down, sparse has caused a mini village, dotted with white steeple churches, old dilapidated farmhouse tools ... and so on, there are many photographers to capture Italy lines and composition, as well as quiet and charming atmosphere ......

Ah! The original case. I've unthinking Xiazhuang Hu Chuang, not sure to focus completely. Completed in 2003, the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire area, we only spent less than an hour to cross the northeast corner of Florida, went straight to Canada. Even if I am so senseless, speeding on the highway, there is still a brilliant Miaodao roadside Autumn, braving the danger of a ticket, sir barely docked shoulder, so I photographed with my sisters rushed a few shots, both of which one that posted in 2007, published personal (56) red dye cream Qianshan the text of the first. Notice? There really are a so-called church spire it.

Photography veteran continued to point: Shooting Autumn's best attractions and more concentrated in central Florida as the center of the town of Woodstock within 50 miles. And that's a pearl inside radius of the essence, it is a farm called Jenny (Jenne Farm)'s. This farm is known as the photographer's favorite, most common in North America Illustrated, magazines, calendars, and is being shot in New England most first scene. Annually in about 12 to 16 October Autumn among the best, the day is not transparent, there will be many people from all over the world and the U.S. photographer, standing in different directions, set up the camera and tripod. At about 7:15 the first XIAN sunlit farm, the camera shutter sound after another. Because we must concentrate on the best sun angle and clear the air, therefore, should be finished within 20 minutes ......


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