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Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:15
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Bed Tax Revenue

Gainesville, Florida is now publishing the total bed tax revenue Collected by Alachua County EACH month. We will be updating Both the bed tax collections and the STAR report was monthly Basis.

You Will Find the current month's bed tax collections for Alachua County under the additional resources section.

STAR Report

The Gainesville office is pleased to offer our partners access to area to the well-known STAR Program, a reporting program with STR Global. Our monthly STAR report compares the performance of Alachua County hotels with That 4 of surrounding counties, and HAS proven to be a valuable tool for properties to make The Most Informed business decisions possible.

* All data is processed by using STR Both the current and historical sampling of hotels.

You can view the current month's STAR Report under the resources section added. The Following calculations are Represented in EACH STAR Report.

For further issues about the methodology used to Produce thesis reports, please email .

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR)
    Room revenue divided by rooms sold. The currency used to express ADR is shown on EACH report.
  • Census (properties and rooms)
    The number of properties and rooms That exist in our database for the area (s) or segment (s) shown on the report.
  • Country
    That HAS A geographic area boundaries reconnu Internationally, an organized economy, and a sovereign government with external recognition.ÿIt is reconnu Typically by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Demand (Rooms Sold)
    The number of rooms sold or rented (excludes complimentary rooms).
  • Exchange Rate
    The factor used to convert revenue from U.S. Dollars to the local currency. The exchange rate data is Obtained from Any Aggregated number in the report (YTD, Running 3 month, Running 12 month) uses the exchange rate of EACH month on When Calculating the data.
  • Market
    A geographic area Within a country. Markets are defined by STR and STR Global.
  • Occupancy (Occ)
    Rooms sold divided by rooms available Multiplied by 100. Occupancy is always Expressed as a percentage of rooms right to adequate housing.
  • Percent Change
    Amount of growth - up, flat, or down - this period versus same period last year (month or year-to-date). Calculated as ((TY - LY) / LY) * 100.
  • Revenue (Revenue Room)
    Total room revenue generated from the sale or rental of rooms.
  • Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)
    Room revenue divided by rooms available.
  • Sample
    The number of hotels and rooms from All which data is received.
  • Sub-Market
    A geographic sub-area Within a Market. Sub-markets are defined by STR and STR Global.
  • Supply (Rooms Available)
    The number of rooms times the number of days in the period.
  • Twelve Month Moving Average
    Given the value of any month is computed by taking the value of That month and the values ​​of the eleven months PRECEDING, Adding 'em together and dividing by twelve.
  • WD (Weekday)
    Average of Sunday through Thursday
  • WE (Weekend)
    Average of Friday and Saturday
  • Year-to-Date
    Measures (Occ, ADR, RevPAR, Supply, Demand, Revenue) are calculated using the sum of the values ​​from January 1 of the year Given.


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Why not stress the positives?

2006-04-25 08:54:58 by drbeede

This is still a great market in most areas of the country. I could write an article right now, quoting hard facts and statistics, to back that up. It would be just as truthful as what the Post just ran.
The only really alarming number is the inventory, and even that's still not out-of-line with historical standards, at least not in the DC area. If sales are dropping, that's only relative t...eal estate investing and not stock investing? The print media relies heavily on real estate for income, far more than on stocks.
P.S. Try reading two newspapers or watching two evening news broadcasts. I'm not claiming it's a conspiracy exactly, but there's a lot more similarities than one might expect. The lead stories are often all exactly the same and they're not what I would've chosen.

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