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Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:15

Florida Tourism Suffers as Oil Hits the State’s Beaches, , , - on June 7,2010 2:03 pm Floridians are braced for environmental and economic damage as oil from the still-gushing Deepwater Horizon drilling site made its way through the Gulf of Mexico to Pensacola Beach this weekend.

The state can expect even more oil to flow into the Gulf Coast,after last week's Attempt by BP to stem the flow of oil met with only moderate success.

Last week,BP installed a cap over the leaking well,que Officials Estimated to be recovering 15, 000 barrels of oil per day.

With an Estimated 25, 000 barrels of oil being leaked,the cap falls short of capturing all oil flow.

The cap is Also seen as a temporary fix.BP (British Petroleum) Logo A longer-term solution,drilling relief wells,is currently is underway.However,They are not expected to be operational for a few months.

With no end in sight of the crises,the emergence of tar along the coast has deeply shaken the tourism-dependent coastal communities of Florida.

Also It has forced the tourism industry to juggle two missions: working to protect the shoreline from oil,while at the same time tourists Assuring That Their beaches are safe.

The mission Became harder this weekend as over 120 people set out on Saturday to clean up the tar balls and tar mats have Begun That washing ashore on Pensacola Beach.Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Beaches are still being kept open Despite The tar.

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The landfall of the oil spill Could not have come at a worst time for the Florida,que had been hit hard by the recession.The impact from the oil spill Could compound the state's existing economic woes and lead to deeper and longer-lasting recession for the state.

Unlike other states That Have Been contaminated by oil, : such as Alabama or Mississippi,Florida's strong reliance on tourism makes it Especially vulnerable to the fallout from the spill.

Tourism is the state's number one industry acerca with tourists spending $ 60 billion last year and generating acerca 21 percent of the state's sales tax revenue.


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Terrorism-Related Layoffs Substantial

2002-03-05 22:06:19 by ghhgggg

At least 125,000 American workers lost their jobs in mass layoffs that lasted 30 days or more because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report.
'It's pretty substantial,' said Lewis Siegel, a senior economist with the BLS and the manager of the agency's statistical program on mass layoffs, which asked employers participating in its regular ...e than 30 days, which skews the data toward large employers in heavily industrialized states.
In the D.C. area, for example, 'businesses tend to not be that large,' Siegel said, noting that layoffs that involved 25 or 40 workers would have slipped under the agency's radar. For that reason, layoffs involving small motels or small tourism companies would not be included in the data, he said.

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