G1 - Coast of Florida suffers first effects of the oil spill

Posted on June 4, 2010 – 00:00

A resident collects tar balls (tar) in Pensacola,Florida

Sticky stuff came on Friday (4) beach in the state.
Tourism attracts 80 million visitors and generates $ 60 billion a year.

Pensacola Beach,Fla.,struck on Friday (4) by polluting material (Photo: Lee Celano / Reuters)

Tar balls and a sticky film appeared on Friday (4) on a beach in Northwest Florida,apparently the first impact of the spill in the Gulf of Mexico on the tourist state.

It's very sad,because we spend vacation here every summer,and now we can no longer come.I do not believe,because it was all white sand "

Grace Vondohlen,tourist

The material appeared on Pensacola Beach,part of the so-called National Seashore Gulf Islands,which boasts to have "the whitest beaches in the world."Oil has also reached the coasts of Louisiana,Mississippi and Alabama,west Florida,in what is already the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

Pensacola beach goers,including many children,caught tar balls rust-colored,ranging from the size of a button to a ping-pong ball.They appeared scattered on the white sand.

A resident collects tar balls (tar) in Pensacola,Florida (Photo: Lee Celano / Reuters)

Grace Vondohlen had sticky hands after touching the tar."It's very sad,because we spend a vacation here every summer,and now we can no longer come. Believe not,because it was all white sand, " she said.

Deanna Smith (left). Alyssa and her daughter on the beach while workers collect pollutant material sand (Photo: Lee Celano / Reuters)

The director of the Authority of Santa Rosa Island,Buck Lee,said it is not possible to be certain that the leak came from the tar pit of British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico,"but I'm 90% sure."

The material will be analyzed so that its origin is confirmed.

Of all affected states,Florida is what else has to lose.Tourism is its main economic activity - more than 80 million visitors leave $ 60 billion per year in the state and generate almost 1 million jobs.Spending by tourists represent 21% of the collection of Florida with the tax products and services.

The spill began 46 days ago,and several weeks ago officials in Florida are preparing contingency plans,including the mobilization of cleanup crews and installing barriers against pollution.

Deanna Smith (left). Alyssa and her daughter on the beach while workers collect pollutant material sand

Source: g1.globo.com

Pelican Publishing Florida Almanac: 2012
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Why not stress the positives?

2006-04-25 08:54:58 by drbeede

This is still a great market in most areas of the country. I could write an article right now, quoting hard facts and statistics, to back that up. It would be just as truthful as what the Post just ran.
The only really alarming number is the inventory, and even that's still not out-of-line with historical standards, at least not in the DC area. If sales are dropping, that's only relative t...eal estate investing and not stock investing? The print media relies heavily on real estate for income, far more than on stocks.
P.S. Try reading two newspapers or watching two evening news broadcasts. I'm not claiming it's a conspiracy exactly, but there's a lot more similarities than one might expect. The lead stories are often all exactly the same and they're not what I would've chosen.

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