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Florida, June 5, 2013

Mr. Cone Di Sarli

With satisfaction I write these lines hoping that the whole group, came to Florida, enjoy good health along with their entire family. Personally I thank the gesture of that beautiful dress, coming from the land where he was born San Cono. The Catholic people enhances the sacrifice and the attention lavished by all of you for the gift sent to us and beautifully worn on 3 June, the anniversary of the 128 years since the first procession. E 'arrived at the Shrine on 30 May, in the morning, in impeccable shape, and everything in order. I'll tell you, that as usual, every year from May 25 to June 2, are realized religious events, the novena masses and performances by choirs and artists with the aim to make the party approaching, and this year are nine evenings we had also the surprise that every day were broadcast 20 minutes of the home movie where you all are, from arrival at the airport in Montevideo to follow through with your stay with us. From 'improvised dance in the Hall Multipurpose and Museum, shortly after your arrival, where the bandsman with impressive quality (I think it was a baker in your country, as I have said) delighted and animated the party of brotherhood. You have earned the hearts of Floridensi, promoting him very important course, all with the same faith and a goal, the devotion to San Cono. I'll tell you that San Cono June 3 is remembered by the Catholics throughout Uruguay, from sports to gamblers, restaurateurs at all. Finally, from all points of the country. Even though it was Monday, only 5 have come from the route more than 3, 000 cars and buses of all sizes. The previous day there were over 10, 000 people, and this year the festival has added more than 30, 000 people. With that, I told you everything.

The most important thing is that the network of the government, "Television Nacional de Uruguay", channel 5 and the National Directorate of Culture, have ordered the transfer of a network in Florida, 5 people have had the task of recording this religious event, are 5 days left in our city, pet transmit, advertise, disseminate, promote in every part of the world, the project named "Espreso Sur" "A REGION THAT LIVES ITS CULTURE" with reproductions of a cultural nature of the respective Ministry. Well, this will be an impact for next year, this documentary will begin to be transmitted with testimonies and other details, personalities of the Church, tourist agencies, the pioneers of farms, the highest authorities of all areas of society. I could not avoid me then interview, as well as others of the Committee. A true hedge to mo 'documentary, with the aim of developing tourism in the country; occasion I have expressed to his friend Fabio Ragone the importance of organizing a charter flight following an itinerary to visit the beautiful places of this country . I1 1 day a visit to the Museum of the capital and a1l'ambasciata in our country, the 2nd day to "Punta del Este", one of the most important seaside resorts of this country, on the 3rd day visit to a winery, the 4th day visit to a tourism destination, the 5th day visit to the Cathedral of Florida where there is the Patron dell'U1uguay, visit to the monument to Independence where it is stopped Artigas our Patriotic Hero. For some, it may come true dream of visiting this country and know a land where you do not experience earthquakes and natural phenomena that cause deaths and more.

Source: www.lavocedisancono.it

Nonmarket economic user values of the Florida Keys/Key West (SuDoc C 55.402:F 66/2003001158)
Book (Strategic Environmental Assessments Division, Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Why not stress the positives?

2006-04-25 08:54:58 by drbeede

This is still a great market in most areas of the country. I could write an article right now, quoting hard facts and statistics, to back that up. It would be just as truthful as what the Post just ran.
The only really alarming number is the inventory, and even that's still not out-of-line with historical standards, at least not in the DC area. If sales are dropping, that's only relative t...eal estate investing and not stock investing? The print media relies heavily on real estate for income, far more than on stocks.
P.S. Try reading two newspapers or watching two evening news broadcasts. I'm not claiming it's a conspiracy exactly, but there's a lot more similarities than one might expect. The lead stories are often all exactly the same and they're not what I would've chosen.

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Book (U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service, Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessments Division)
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Book (U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service, Office of Ocean Resources Conservation and Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessments Division)

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