New Voices: Travel agents need to Promote Disney bubble outside Florida

Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:15
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| By Mathew Gillings, Special to the Sentinel June 8, 2013 | By Mathew Gillings, Special to the Sentinel

As Florida passionate enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, my relatives and I Often Become Bombarded by issues from family and friends.

We visit Florida several times EACH year, Spending our family vacations relaxing in the sun and exploring the state's great destinations, our goal peers can not quite Understand why we visit the same spot time and time again.

"Why do not you try somewhere new?" They ask. "The world is your oyster."

This is a good question, aim it's easy to answer.

Unfortunately, in the UK, Florida is disproportionately defined by icts theme parks and tourism hot spots. These destinations are the only ones That come under focus with a standard British travel agent, and millions of travelers miss out on some fantastic places, All which are Just a few miles farther out.

The Florida tourism industry Appears to be Concentrated in Orlando, and a new line of thinking needs to replace the current uninformed attitude of travelers. British tourists arent narrow-minded. They simply need more guidance.

My relatives and I recently returned from a two-week vacation in Florida. We Began in Miami before taking the 150-mile drive south to Key West. We soaked up the southern sun, before visiting Everglades National Park, Naples, Captiva and Venice on our journey back up north.

As we Stood in the ocean, sifting for shark teeth and chatting with the local people in Venice, we Began to Understand That We Were a world away from our previous vacations. We strayed off the beaten track, saw plenty of wildlife, dined at some delicious family-run restaurants, and got a taste of a whole new Florida, away from the bright lights of the theme parks. It was bliss.

With this in mind, we returned to Orlando for the second half of our vacation.

As we drove on Those familiar roads around Lake Buena Vista, we felt safe. We ate at our favorite restaurants, and we strolled into the Magic Kingdom like proud adventurers returning home Effective year arduous journey.

It was an intense feeling, and this is exactly the kind of journey That shoulds travel agencies try to Promote to British travelers. We Experienced the best of both worlds.

Recently, we Have Been discussing our vacation with fellow UK trip planners on an online forum. Readers posted some positive comments in response to our vacation, and many are now scheduling Their Own roads around a new part of Florida. Travelers need information and encouragement.

DESPITE my incessant promoting of the amazing places we Explored, the fact remains That there is still a whole lot out there. These serene destinations simply can not be found in the UK, and tourists must make the Most of Their Time abroad.

Time constraints Meant We Were Unable to visit many destinations, and We Have all vowed to return to the Gulf Coast in the coming years.

Travelers will never be ble to see Florida Everything That Has to offer, but I'm confident That many Brits miss out on an extraordinary trip by Becoming enclosed in the Disney bubble.


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Need help booking Disney

2008-08-14 11:34:17 by jmbc

Looking to book a fall vacation to Florida. I want to book a package deal with flight, hotel, car if needed and park passes. Anyone have any suggestions on travel agents or websites to book through? I've been to the most popular sites, but I was wondering if there was anywhere I may be able to find a better deal?

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