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Posted on February 4, 2014 – 07:12 pm

Ausgang in Miami BeachFor a week,the "Sunshine State" Florida discover the vibrant Miami,the adventurous Everglades or the beautiful sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast - this possibility had several agents and three employees / internal plan of Hotel Suisse in early September,2012.

On to Florida

Our trip started with a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Zurich via Miami .Shortly after arriving,we were able,organized by Simon Flubacher,Product Manager Carxpress ,four typical American car accept.

Miami Beach and surrounding area

The first night in Miami Beach was the famous Fontainebleau Miami Beach **** (*) spent.Despite the strenuous arrival,there were some participants but do not take to plunge into the nightlife of Miami Beach.To experience the cultural mix of Miami Beach while enjoying a drink on South Beach with a view of the many,marked by neon lights,buildings,this is an absolute must in Miami Beach.

Output in Miami Beach

The next day was packed with hotel visits."In the car,get set,go!" - Was the motto of our day.Whether a two-star or a five star hotel has been visited,both the position of the sea was perceived,and on the Miami River,is by all participants as something special.Dollar Noten im Restaurant,Cabbage Key

Miami Beach

Through the Everglades to Captiva Iceland

After a great but short time in Miami we continued our journey towards Captiva Iceland, with an intermediate stop at Shark Valley (Everglades) could not miss.With an airboat and eyes wide open we flit through the Everglades,the number of detected animals remained zero.But the Everglades would not be the Everglades,if not at least one animal could be seen.

Shortly after getting off the boat we were made ​​aware of a huge gator just a half meters below us was in the water.The animal is still alive?Yes?No?After lively discussion,we were able to determine on the basis of the ejected bubbles,but that it had to be a living animal.This can be seen from so close was a unique experience.

After this exciting adventure led us to travel further in the late afternoon,our primary goal Captiva Iceland,opposed.An island,which is located north of Sanibel Iceland.Captiva Iceland not only find but also sun-seekers and water enthusiasts Muschelsucher their paradise.Whether to screen for a boat trip to Cabbage Key with a nearly 90% sodium chance dolphins, as well as to enjoy a lunch surrounded by dollar bills or when shelling by the sea,the island offers something for everyone matching.

Dollar bills in the restaurant,Cabbage Key

Clearwater Beach to Orlando

After two nights in idyllic Captiva Iceland and two nights at the beautiful sandy beach of Clearwater Beach ,we dived into the noisy,tourist and yet unique Orlando one.Known by the large number of entertainment venues, these are the various amusement parks or the big shopping center in Orlando is only 4 hours from Fort Myers or Miami achievable.

Whether the hotel is located directly on International Drive or somewhat remote,the attractions are easily accessible from almost anywhere.While Disney's Magic Kingdom, especially for the younger children offers plenty of entertainment,Disney Epcot Center is the suitable technology for enthusiastic visitors.A visit to Universal Studios or Sea World but can not afford to miss.

Disney World,Orlando


Miami Beach Disney World, Orlando Teilnehmer Studienreise

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Need help booking Disney

2008-08-14 11:34:17 by jmbc

Looking to book a fall vacation to Florida. I want to book a package deal with flight, hotel, car if needed and park passes. Anyone have any suggestions on travel agents or websites to book through? I've been to the most popular sites, but I was wondering if there was anywhere I may be able to find a better deal?

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    My wife wants to work from home as a travel agent selling cruises. There are tons of companies on the internet, and we cant figure out which one is best, reliable, not a scam, etc. Any recommendations?

    • I work at home as a cruise specialist. We have to go to Florida for a week of training at our own expense, but it is all legit and part of the company that is Number 1 for selling cruises in US. For more info, feel free to contact me through my website.

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      These are just a few options.

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