Become a travel agent from home (teleworking)

Posted on February 19, 2014 – 01:04 am

The work of a travel agent from home can be a full-time job or a way to have a take on multiple peers all those who love to travel and work from home. The agents sell packages through its website, which can be created for free thanks to an online education program like those offered by Home Based Travel Agents. Travel agents often have access to special offers and extras.

Fill out a registration form / request online to take advantage of a free course as a travel agent. Home Based Travel Agents and UK-based Online Travel Training are two sites that offer courses for aspiring travel agents online / from home.

Complete all training programs that the site selected offers or all those who seem to fit with your own experience. The programs offered are taught to look for customers, book flights, hotels, tours, car and complete packages., How to organize fundraisers, get discounts, technical and marketing ideas.

You get an ' insurance for errors and omissions. This insurance is required to work as an online travel agent because you might manage accounts on your credit cards and cash for thousands of Euros according to Home Based Travel Agents. L ' insurance costs about $ 50 a month or $ 550 per year.

You get a license if required by your country. Travel agents if they work in an agency or from home typically do not need a license but according to the AAA Travel Agent Training Center U.S. states require a Travel Sellers License. Some of these are California, Florida, Hawaii, Delaware, the state of New York, Maine, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, Rhode Island, Ohio and Illinois.

The Home Based Travel Agents pay the costs of association and certification for companies like the International Airlines Travel Agent Network a supplier that pays agents a commission every time or airlines for customers on its client companies.


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    • What you are describing is just another example of the hypocrisy that is eroding our country from the inside out! It’s not a corporate America issue, but an American culture issue.

      People, organizations , …re about stuff like this. I noticed that some of your questions seem to be going unanswered. These are big questions, with no easy answers, but I think communicating about them is definitely a step in the right direction!