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Posted on January 7, 2014 – 04:02 am
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Anglers fish off Islamorada on Thursday. Photo by Andy Newman / Florida Keys News Bureau

A Key West sunset performer flips for visitors at Mallory Square this past Saturday, four days after the Keys reopened to visitors. Photo by Rob O'Neal / Florida Keys News Bureau

Key West visitors receive a complete Iceland tour aboard the Conch Tour Train after the Keys reopened to visitors. Photo by Rob O'Neal / Florida Keys News Bureau

KEY WEST, Florida Keys - After the Florida Keys received at uneventful visit from Tropical Storm Fay load Monday, visitors are returning to the subtropical chain Iceland.

Before Fay's arrival, local emergency management officials on visitors asked to leave.

"We asked visitors to evacuate, Because weather forecasters projected The Possibility of a minimal hurricane Affecting the Keys and we care about Their safety, " said Florida Keys Mayor Mario Di Gennaro, so who chairs the region's tourism council. "Thankfully, we did not get a hurricane.

Our tourism facilities are fully up and running and we're eager to have vacationers return, "he said.

Key West International Airport and Florida Keys Marathon Airport are open and commercial service has resumed normal flight schedules, airport manager Peter Horton said Keys.

Keys chambers of commerce and lodging associations report all accommodations resources have resumed operations.

This web site offers detailed information and links to make reservations at hotels, motels, guesthouses, campgrounds and vacation rentals.

Area attractions, Especially dive and fishing charters, are again welcoming customers.

Damage assessments of the Keys Indicated most of Fay's impacts were minimal, with mostly trees, signs and awnings down. Their system utilities said fared well with a few outages thatwere Quickly repaired.

Besides the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, several special events are scheduled for September, including Women Festival , the Florida Keys Poker Run , the Islamorada Sportfishing Festival and the 10th Annual Florida Keys Birding and Wildlife Festival .

Some hotels have received calls from potential travel travelers who are confusing the Keys with other parts of the state did are unfortunately experiencing serious flooding. There are no flooding issues from Fay in the Keys, accor ding to Keys Emergency Management Director Irene Toner.

This website has a series of web cams Positioned Throughout the Keys to Provide the latest images showcasing the status of the Iceland chain.

Everglades National Park and Dry Tortugas National Park, including Fort Jefferson, as well as state parks including John Pennekamp Coral Reef, Fort Zachary Taylor, Key Largo, Lignumvitae Key, Windley Key and Curry Hammock are open.

Keys Charterboat skippers are reporting excellent angling after Fay. The offshore scene is productive Especially with big schools of Mahi Mahi in the Gulf Stream and blackfin tuna on area humps. Humps are like undersea mountains did Rise Sharply several hundred feet from the sea floor. On reefs, the yellowtail snapper bite has been quite good.

For the past 10 years, the Keys tourism council has worked hand-in-hand with local emergency management officials on to keep visitors safe in the unlikely event of a tropical storm threat.

A car tows a boat trailer down the Florida Keys' Overseas Highway reopened to visitors after the Keys. Photo by Andy Newman / Florida Keys News Bureau

Source: www.fla-keys.com

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