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Hi people!

Two years ago, I follow the AcheiUSA
Today I read an article that I found very interesting and has everything to do with the blog, then share with you.
Read matter!

"Often people want to save money. Therefore, in this age of Internet, it is easy to do research online in search of the best deals. But, as the saying goes, if the handout is too holy suspects. So before buy an airline ticket, check the seriousness of the seller. But how can you protect yourself from scammers? George Halas, the New Porte Tours, says it is easy to check the legitimacy of the seller of the passage. "Just the person entering the Sun Biz (where are all registered companies operating in Florida) to see if the company really exists. Moreover, the record must have IATA (regulator of travel agencies) and check with the company aerial, "said the businessman, concerned about the amount of small ads placed in newspapers offering business" must see ".

Halas also suggests that the customer check the website of the travel agency that is selling the passage, and suspicious when the price offered is well below that charged by the market. "Another tip is this: never pay an airline ticket with cash. Always use credit card because if the airline to confirm that you are on the passenger list for the flight that you purchased, you can call the card issuer and seek reimbursement, "he said.

Lucia Martinusso of Magic Charter also encourages consumers never make a purchase of passage money. "We will never accept cash payments, only credit card. If someone ask the customer to pay in cash, wary.
Can be blow "complains.

The engineering scam

She explains that often the scammer receives cash and issues a reservation, which is sent to the client. However, as the money is not transferred to the airline, the seat is not confirmed and therefore the transition is not valid. "However, they hide this information from the client and often the person goes to the airport and only finds that there has been deceived. Gives hurts to see people crying because they have lost money and they can not travel, " said Lucia.

The procedure adopted by a travel agency serious must have the following information: IATA registration number, registration number in the ARC (Airlines Corporation Report), airline, flight number and seat, path and all information relating to the passage . "We do all this, sent by e-mail and also send a copy by mail to the customer rest assured, " said Lucia, which suggests that the person to go to the office of the agency to confirm its existence.

Lucia is proud of Magic Charter, which in a long time of operation, raised a good name in the market. But it is fair and cites a number of other agencies that stand out for providing reliable services such as Transmares Travel, Fredson Travel, Bella Travel, Air Projects and Mariana Tours.


Flying and saving money

2011-12-19 22:38:42 by GrandpaRon

Travel advisors are saying with the falling of fuel prices, prices may go down. Airlines are struggling and have stopped paying travel agents commissions. We are providing flight as a service and hoping to make commissions on hotels, car rentals, etc.
For these other things, you should go thru an agent for the best price. I constantly watch airline prices for those who wish to use me for ... Laid back, relaxing, and meeting new people from all over the world. Last year, we met a couple from Puerto Rico and one from Columbia. We are still in close contact.
Reservations will be filling up early, so if this is something you wish to do, let me know as soon as possible. In order to keep the cost down, I am a travel agent and will split the commissions with you.

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