Dozens of FTC and Law Enforcement Partners Halt Travel and Timeshare Resale Scams Multinational Effort

Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:15

191 Actions Brought By FTC and Its Law Enforcement Partners

The Federal Trade Commission today announced securities 191 actions to stop fraudulent operations hawking timeshare resale property services and travel prizes , including three FTC cases, 83 civil actions Brought by 28 states, and 25 actions Brought by law enforcement agencies in 10 other countries. More than 184 individuals face criminal prosecution by U.S. Attorneys and local law enforcement.

Infographic showing quick facts about timeshares and how to timeshare resale scam works. For full text, go to / travel

"We can not allow our elderly and vulnerable real property owners to continue to be the target of fraud schemes, " Ferrer said. "For That reason, our Respective offices - federal and state, criminal and civil - have joined forces to combat fraud schemes victimizing Florida-based timeshare unit owners across the country. These victims, many of them elderly or in financial distress, looked to sell Their units to help make ends meet or pay other bills. Instead, they were defrauded out of blackberries than $ 14 million in total. Such fraud will not be tolerated. "

Bondi said, "We will continue to Pursue Essentially scam artists who attempt to steal from timeshare owners, and the Timeshare Resale Accountability Act That I worked with the Legislature on Already in 2012 is having a great effect on ending this type of fraud. With strong partnerships among federal, state and local leaders, we will continue to protect Floridians. "

Fraudulent timeshare resellers lure consumers into paying hefty up-front fees, falsely Claiming to have interested buyers ready to pay top dollar for the properties. They claim sales are about to happen, but there are no buyers, and consumers lose Hundreds or Thousands of dollars. Deceptive travel prize promoters trick consumers into paying for discounted or "free" vacation packages supposedly worth Thousands of dollars, but most people get nothing of value or have to attend high-pressure timeshare sales presentations. All Of These scams reach consumers via unsolicited email, mailed travel vouchers, and radio, TV and online advertising.

To help people avoid These kinds of scams, the FTC has updated its consumer education materials on new and emerging travel and timeshare resale frauds at / travel , Which includes an interactive travel fraud game . The FTC Also has a new infographic explaining how to timeshare resale scam works .

FTC Law Enforcement Actions

At the FTC's request, federal courts blocked three operations [ Resolution Trust order | order Resort Property | Vacation Communications order ] That Took More than $ 18 million from consumers Throughout the country who were trying to sell Their timeshare properties. The courts halted the defendants' allegedly deceptive practices and froze Their assets pending litigation.

In each case, the defendants allegedly called timeshare owners and Claimed they had buyers willing to pay a specified price for Their properties, or That the timeshares would be sold in a specified period of time. At most, after charging consumers 'accounts, the defendants provided agreements to "advertise" consumers' timeshare units.

Resort Solution Trust Inc. , Lincoln Renwick II, and Anthony Talavera, based in Florida, Thousands of allegedly deceived consumers into paying advance fees ranging between $ 800 and $ 3.400. Consumers did not receive what they were promised. Instead, the defendants strung them along with false promises and blackberries Their routinely denied requests for refunds. The defendants are charged with Violating the FTC Act and the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), and with calling consumers Whose phone numbers are on the National Do Not Call Registry.


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