Top 10 Attractions in Miami, Florida

Posted on December 28, 2013 – 07:33 pm

6-83 of 061 edschonsett Miami Seaquarium.If you are going to go to Miami,Florida,as a tourist,we have provided a list of destinations that can be visited there.As you probably know,Miami is one of the most attractive destinations for travelers worldwide.There are so many places to visit that it is impossible to list all the things you could do.Whenever you travel to this area,you will surely have a great time.I present this article will help to add value to your trip.Then list them:

No. 1 Miami Children's Museum, is an experience for all ages.There are tours that are bilingual so that everyone can enjoy them.The museum education classes and many visual displays.

No. 2 Miami Art Muse, this includes amazing art from earlier periods of 1940.The museum has exhibits of sculptures,paintings and photography.

# 3 Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, this was the winter retreat for John Deering in 1914.The main house has been maintained and contains many pieces of original decor and original furniture.They have 10 acres of gardens and restored buildings.

# 4 Miami Seaquarium, this is where they filmed the famous dolphin Flipper.You can swim with the dolphins.They have all kinds of exhibitions and have been in business since the mid 50s.It is a must for the family!

# 5 Rockets Offshore Remember the movie "Miami Vice"?because the place is a sample of yachts and power boats jet.You can learn all about them on your visit.

# 6 South Beach, personally could write several articles on South Beach is a great area.Lots of shopping,beautiful beaches and a nightlife like no other place in the country.

# 7 Art Deco District, this is a square mile in total and this around buildings that have been restored.You can take a walk through this area and see some beautiful buildings.

# 8 Little Havana, has sights,sounds and tastes of the country of Cuba,cigars ¨ ¨ less.This is a real area.

# 9 Tours to Miami, there travel agency groups in Miami that offer tours around Miami.You can go snorkeling,taking a day tour to the Everglades and go see the beautiful west coast.

# 10 Island Queen, Worth a guided boat trip to Biscayne Bay.They have beautiful ships that take place in a narrated tour.

This summarizes the top ten attractions to visit Miami,if you are in Miami or if you are next to arrive.

As always,enjoy your trip!

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Naples/Ft. Myers

2006-03-27 16:40:32 by sunandseatravelpros

If you are looking for beach and swamp, go with the Naples/Ft. Myers area. There are some great beaches in this part of Florida and you are close to the Florida Everglades if you want to get out on an airboat and take a tour of the swamp.
A good travel agent should be able to get you a package deal to some great proerties in the Naples or Marco Island area.
Tampa, actually St. Petersburg/Clearwater has some nice beaches, but no swamp. If you are looking for an alternative to Naples/Ft. Myers, come see us here in Tampa.
Marty Gallenstein
Sun & Sea Travel

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    I am 19 years old, and I have been looking for holidays, the only place that really interests me is Florida. Are you allowed to travel there from the UK and stay in a hotel despite being under 21?

    • Yes I'm currently living in Florida and I'm 19 years old and I have purchased a weekend at a hotel personally. you just need to use a credit card and have identification to show that the card belongs to you.

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    • Go to magic kingdom(disney) universal studios , wet'n'wild(waterpark) , the parks are usually cheaper if you buy the tickets at the park at the gate. if your interested in shopping , the florida mall in orlando is worth for spending a couple of hours in :) , international drive is always fun , take a look round.

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    • It depends on where you go and when. Low season in much of Florida is winter because the primary attraction is the beach. The weather is usually too cool to swim in the ocean from about early October until sometime in Apr …gram for someone to voluntarily extend their stay. If you miss your flight due to something Immigration might consider avoidable (ex. flat tire on the way to the airport) they may ban you from using the VWP in the future.

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    Me and my partner are going to Florida next November (2014), has anybody been and is it nice enough to go to the water parks? We were going to go in June but decided against it as everybody said it was too hot.

    • November is a beautiful time to go to Florida! As a long time Floridian, I must say, all of the Thanksgiving dinners have been spent picnicking in the backyard while playing corn-hole! It isn't as hot as June, but it's a …an although all Floridian pools are heated. Ybor is a nice historical staple to visit if you're looking to have some fun downtown with some friends! St. Augustine is BEAUTIFUL in fall weather. Hope you'll enjoy your stay!