Sofia Vergara Miami attraction

Posted on May 17, 2009 – 00:00

Tweet Sofía Vergara The popular artist Sofia Vergara is quite an attraction Miami. Your musical 'Chicago', is promoted by travel agents as a tourist attraction to enjoy the sunny capital of Florida.

The play starring Sofia Vergara, the musical 'Chicago' comes from Broadway to the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami, where she will be seen between days 26 to 31 May.

Sofia Vergara declared extremely excited for the opportunity to reconnect with their audience. Especially with his family and closest friends.

Sofia Vergara goes well with your career. Despite his youth and has a great experience in the world of television and film. Proved what is acting in Hollywood and featured roles in several American TV series. Now get a singer develop in the harsh and demanding framework of genre.

It also says that Sofia Vergara was able to participate in the second season of the soap opera 'The Cartel', based on the book 'The Cartel of the Frogs', written by former drug dealer Andrés López (Sofia who has a good relationship). The series enjoyed great success on TV, with high ratings that allow you to go play in a new season of episodes.

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Naples/Ft. Myers

2006-03-27 16:40:32 by sunandseatravelpros

If you are looking for beach and swamp, go with the Naples/Ft. Myers area. There are some great beaches in this part of Florida and you are close to the Florida Everglades if you want to get out on an airboat and take a tour of the swamp.
A good travel agent should be able to get you a package deal to some great proerties in the Naples or Marco Island area.
Tampa, actually St. Petersburg/Clearwater has some nice beaches, but no swamp. If you are looking for an alternative to Naples/Ft. Myers, come see us here in Tampa.
Marty Gallenstein
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    Can i fly with just my school ID and passport?

    • Think this web is a good informative for you.
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    • Try airplane. It is safe I know many people that have done it at that age. Give her a cell phone and make sure she keeps in touch.

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    • When you buy a car the seller has to fill in the miles on the title. Check your title to see if they checked "actual mileage"
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