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Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:15
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To become a Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations Specialist Please complete the Following steps:


Study the travel agents website Universal Filled With exciting information about The Universal Orlando Resort ®.


Complete the Specialist Exam and pass with a score of 30 out of 50 multiple choice questions answered Correctly.


Experience the Destination

Congratulations! After completing the above steps you will Be Able to receive your Universal Parks & Resorts Specialist certificate.

Please contact the Universal Parks & Resorts Specialist Information Line with any questions: (407) 224-6448

Source: www.universaltravelagents.com

Flying and saving money

2011-12-19 22:38:42 by GrandpaRon

Travel advisors are saying with the falling of fuel prices, prices may go down. Airlines are struggling and have stopped paying travel agents commissions. We are providing flight as a service and hoping to make commissions on hotels, car rentals, etc.
For these other things, you should go thru an agent for the best price. I constantly watch airline prices for those who wish to use me for ... Laid back, relaxing, and meeting new people from all over the world. Last year, we met a couple from Puerto Rico and one from Columbia. We are still in close contact.
Reservations will be filling up early, so if this is something you wish to do, let me know as soon as possible. In order to keep the cost down, I am a travel agent and will split the commissions with you. wrinkle@sonic.net.

Travel agency in Boston

2006-02-06 13:30:12 by seansaunt

Can anyone recommend a travel agency in Boston that can provide some helpful feedback? I'm hoping to go somewhere warm next month but am open to ideas--Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Florida, etc. based on the right price. I've looked online and the prices seem about the same for all locations. In the past, I've gotten deals from travel agents who knew what hotels had just opened and were offering deals, etc.
The agency I called wasn't helpful. They were willing to look up each location I mentioned but weren't willing to offer an opinion. Anybody know a good place in the Boston area?

The Adventure Club meetings in Clemmons, NC!

2007-03-10 06:00:22 by Reece2Day

Hi friends, the newly formed Adventure Club is having a meeting today at 1 pm at Sagebrush Steakhouse in Clemmons to discuss travel secrets and how to make extra income via the travel industry plus receive free luxurious trips! We're also having a meeting at El Jinette in Clemmons tomorrow night (Sunday 3/11) at 6 pm. If you love traveling and want to get paid to do so, or simply desire to work from home, please join us! We want to share our secrets! We're blessed to have two amazing travel agents from central Florida with us this weekend to do the presentations and provide the info for you. We're on to something HUGE and want to share the secrets with you!
Be ready for some fun and fellowship........and be prepared to get EXCITED!
I hope to see you there! Reece2Day

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  • Avatar Corona How much would a trip from Houston to Disney in Florida cost if we were planning on driving and spending?
    Sep 06, 2007 by Corona | Posted in Orlando

    3 days at Disney and 2 days at Universal Studios? Figure with minimal souvenirs, cheap eating, value hotel(s). Also, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags in Dallas give free ice water, does Disney do this, or should I f … of four. The kids ages will be 17 and 7 by the time we go. Thank you for all your information!! I don't want to give the amount because I don't want someone that is being mean to say, "you don't have enough". Thanks.

    • I would recommend calling a travel agent or a Disney Reservation Agent to help you plan your trip and give you an idea of where to stay while in town.