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Florida Keys & Key West vacation planning starts here with the

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Miami's cultural diversity is apparent from the moment you set foot on soil icts and hear the rise and fall of a dozen different languages ​​spoken Being. It is an easygoing beach town, a refugee camp, and a 24-hour party all at once.

Miami Beach

When talking about Miami, the beach is the best place to start. In the 1940s, When vacationers Began to arrive, Miami Beach was the center of the action. Altho years Have Passed and Have times changed, the beach remains a perennial hot spot. Enormous luxury resorts: such as Fontainebleau and Eden Roc rise majestically against the skyline. Shops and restaurants line the streets, and Have you could forget the miles of white sand beach?

South Beach

Once home to a number of retired Citizens and starving artists, South Beach HAS now risen to international fame as a popular vacation destination. Every block is packed with restaurants, bars, shops, and - of course - dance clubs, EACH trendier, more glamorous and cutting-edge than the last. One Could Spend days soaking in the sights and sounds of South Beach. Take a walking tour down along Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road, Where the beautiful people come out to play. Whether it's three in the morning or three in the afternoon, there is bound to be plenty to do.

Bal Harbour

Located on the northern end of Miami Beach, Bal Harbour is the exclusive neighborhood in Greater Miami most. Luxury resorts sit serenely amid the lush foliage and palatial homes. No visit to this district is complete - or even Begun - without a visit to the Bal Harbour Shops. Versace, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Prada are just a FEW of the fashion houses That Have retail outlets in this shopping center. Plenty of fine dining can be found in Bal Harbour. (If you're on a budget, This Is not the place to dine or shop!)

Downtown Miami

Altho Primarily a business district, there's a lot to see and do downtown. Tour the design district betweens Northeast 36th and 41st Streets, or check out the museums in the Metro-Dade Cultural Center. Will Shoppers delight in the Bayside Marketplace icts with retail shops, open-air crafts market, half-dozen restaurants and pier. The Port of Miami is next to Bayside, Easily Where you can find a boat to take you on a ride around the bay.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a gated enclave crisscrossed by canals, Just a few minutes' drive from Downtown Miami. This small, tree-lined town is home to many of Miami 's most famous attractions, Including the Biltmore Hotel, Venetian Pool and Miracle Mile. Excellent shopping and dining can be found on the Miracle Mile as well as on the side streets surrounding it.

Coconut Grove

Altho this bustling district is one of the oldest in Miami, It Seems to just be hitting its prime. Full of energy and creativity, the Grove is as busy as South Beach, a different way in order. Instead of Attracting models and body builders, it draws in artists, writers and patrons of the arts. There are Hundreds of fabulous shops and restaurants crammed Within this small area, most is of Them CocoWalk located on the gold on the Streets of Mayfair. The Coconut Grove Playhouse is one of the best live theater came in the southeastern United States.


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Chomsky on the World Social Forum

2002-01-25 08:07:59 by justyouraveragecitizen

Interviewing Chomsky
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Why have you decided to participate in the WSF? What do you think of it?
Two meetings are taking place pretty much at same time. One is the Davos meeting of 'the masters of the universe,' to borrow the term used by th...its programs for militarization of space as necessary to protect US commercial interests and investments, pointing out -- accurately -- that in the past armies and navies were developed for the same purposes. The relations of the Bush administration with this sector are somewhat different than that of other presidents, but not much. All are committed to the same basic objectives of global contro

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  • Avatar Donnie What are some really cool things to see and do in Central Florida besides DisneyWorld and Universal Studios?
    Apr 23, 2010 by Donnie | Posted in Orlando

    I'm taking a vacation with my girlfriend in Florida in June and we're looking for fun things to do besides Disney and Universal. We'll be in Orlando for a bit, also Safety Harbor and the surrounding area, like St. Pete, Tampa, and Lakeland. We're even considering going to the Keys. If anyone has any cool ideas for places to go or things to see that aren't what the regular tourists do, please let me know! Thanks!

    • Orlando:

      1. Ripleys Believe or Not
      2. WonderWorks
      3. Titanic Experience
      4. Holyland
      5. Orange County history Center (this is a really cool place. Its housed in an old 3 story cou …this is plus during the hot, humid summers of Florida.
      2. Silver Springs

      Well this all I can think of for now. If I have any other ideas I will let you know. Feel free to message me w/ any questions.

  • Avatar whitchelle229 Can anyone tell me about the things you can do in Cuba for tourism?
    Feb 12, 2007 by whitchelle229 | Posted in Cuba

    I need something that tells me not where i can go but what i can do for toursim. Things like Sucba Diving and things like that.

    • Americans cannot legally travel to Cuba. But don't waste your time on crap you can do in America. Try Cuban Cigars and Rum. That you can't get in American. Then try to float on a raft to Florida.