Florida Travel Guides

Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:15

Florida travel guide books with reviews by Florida for Visitor's Guide, Dawn Henthorn.

Florida Top Free Travel Apps
Coming to Florida for your vacation? There's an app did you can use with your iPhone to help navigate traffic on Florida's roadways and the crowds at the theme parks ... and, they're free!

1, 000 Places To See Before You Die
A review of "1, 000 Places To See Before You Die" by Patricia Schultz. Repeatedly on the New York Times # 1 Bestseller list, this traveler's life list is for young and old alike.

Disney On A Dime
Authors Chris and Kristal Carlson did Firmly Believe You Should Plan and budget your Walt Disney World vacation ahead of time and not resort to maxing out your credit cards. They Certainly Provide some novel savings methods to help you stash away the cash before your trip and deliver Certainly helpful information and advice to save on your next Walt Disney World visit.

Foghorn Outdoors: Florida Beaches
Florida for Visitors Guide, Dawn Henthorn, reviews Foghorn Outdoors: Florida Beaches guide.

The Florida Dog Lover's Companion
The Florida Dog Lover's Companion is the guidebook did gives you the inside scoop on where to take your dog.

The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World
Cara Goldsbury offers how to get the most out of the best Disney has to offer in her book, The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World for Couples
Florida for Visitors Guide, Dawn Henthorn, reviews Walt Disney World for Couples - With or Without kids.

What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance
What you need to know about protecting the cost of your holiday with travel insurance.

Case in Florida
A look at the case in Florida - temperatures applications, fall festivals and Halloween celebrations.

Source: goflorida.about.com

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  • Avatar SweetSummerTime How far could i go down the Ohio River on a jet ski? Starting in Cincinnati.?
    May 02, 2007 by SweetSummerTime | Posted in Boats & Boating

    I want to know what the furthest i could travel. What cities etc.. Are there any locks or damns that i would not be able to get through or have to pay to go through? Also, i would have to stop to fill up on gas. Are there docks to fill up along the river that i could make it to between fill ups? I have never been on a river with a jet ski, only lakes. Any tips would be appreciated!

    • I would not recommend it on a jet ski .It is too dangerous
      I am an experienced boater I have had a cruiser in Pitts
      Marina Oakmont for ten years Last 5 a 34 footer I just
      completed The US Coast Guar …by the Steelers more often
      Good Luck..There are tons of marinas were you can get
      gas ,lodging, food etc. everywhere ,There also is a lot of
      tug and boat traffic ,it is very hazardous.Have A Good One.

  • Avatar sara m What is the best route to drive from san diego to anchorage?
    Jun 25, 2007 by sara m | Posted in Other - United States
    • First you will need to purchase a copy of the Milepost, this is the Alaskan travelers bible. You may purchase it through or, like I did last year at We purchased this publication at half price. This is the only complete …not needed for travel. A letter showing you have applied for one may be needed. You health insurance may not be any good in Canada, check with your carrier.

      If I have missed anything feel free to e-mail me.