Reliving your travels with the module maps Lightroom

Posted on February 25, 2014 – 01:31 am

Lightroom 4 has had among other things, the inclusion of a new module (Maps) that allows us geoposicionar pictures from our catalog and see them placed on a satellite image from Google Maps. After some testing of its operation I decided to geoposicionar all pics of my main catalog and in doing so have had the opportunity to relive some trips for years in a very special way.

Being able to associate a picture with their situation on a map and be able to walk this seeing what images we have made in each place, is something to which we travel we like to add a special dimension to our photo archive. In a previous post explaining the operation of the new module .

Taking advantage of preparing a new course on cataloging and file management with Lightroom 4 've started reviewing and cataloging my extensive file. I loved that one of the things to add to the photos outside geo photo with the new module maps.

My photographic archive folders is organized chronologically by years, months and days following this folder structure 2012 / 2012-12 / 2012-12-08. The main reason for this structure is that it can be automated to import the photos from the card, which is easily scalable and easier to perform backups.

Following the order of these folders have begun geo file in my first digital photos taken in May 2003 when I bought my first DSLR a Canon EOS 10D and I went forward in time. Following the temporal order of the folders is allowing me to relive photographic trips and outings and associate a dimension that was previously only in the subconscious and it was not visible.

Each folder to open the module maps led to seek the location and there on the screen to load the satellite image of the area and to find where the image is made when you spot what you select in the filmstrip pictures and drag the map thereby creating a marker with the photographs.

As I have become associated more and more photos to catalog I've been finding with areas filled with points that defined areas memorizing could go to have a direct access to the help panel Saved positions. This functionality is located in the left panels module maps, allows to identify the diameter circular areas that we want to name and group them into folders. In my case I defined by geographical areas and within communities and countries have gone positions including lists each of these areas.

The usefulness of these positions comes when you need to re geoposicionar pictures of a geographic area that has already been saved, simply by clicking on the position you are transported to the area and very quickly you can put on the map new photos.

View a saved location with a circle showing the geographical area it covers.

Reviving our trips

Until I get the photos from a trip to Florida in February 2004 I did not really realize the power of this functionality to revive a trip. Zooming in areas visited I found a level of detail in the satellite photos that allowed me to recognize places from the air for the content of the photos. Bridges, houses, canals and other elements present in the photographs gave me the clue to look on the map things like the gallery of landscape photographer Clyde Butcher in the middle of the Everglades or the gate from where we photographed a sunset in the reserve JN Ding Darling on Sanibel Island.


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