Florida closes its representative office in France

Posted on May 20, 2009 – 00:00
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Florida is not immune to the crisis in tourism for several months in the United States. The "Sunshine State" and shows a 11% decrease in the number of tourist arrivals in the first quarter, the number of international visitors for its shares fell 13% over the period.

Consequently, Florida decided to do "some" savings by reducing by 30% in 2009 promoting his budget to $ 25 million. Late June and closing its representative office in France led by Philippe Chryst, who was also responsible for promoting the destination for Western Europe with the exception of Great Britain (which should take charge of the French market) and Spain (managed from Miami). This decision may appear all the more surprising that France is one of the few markets to resist this year and plans are going to succeed as programming a flight from Paris to Fort Lauderdale operated by XL Airways during summer 2010.

"The Americans and Canadians are less coming this winter to Miami because of the economic crisis, " says Nathalie and Orr, Director of Sales and Marketing at Courtyard Miami Beach. Besides the sluggish local market, the tourist from Florida is concerned indeed primarily due to lower than 7% of the Canadian market, one of the first state with traditionally approximately 700, 000 tourists who forget coldness of North Africa to the beaches of Florida.

Stéphane Jaladis (Miami)

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A Layman's Guide to Bush v. Gore

2001-07-03 21:01:38 by eugene

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