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Posted on April 24, 2014 – 12:59 pm

I really like Disneyland. Before studying in the United States, I have to go to Japan Tokyo Disney played once, when the Tokyo Disney is the Magic Kingdom, which is a marker of Disney - Castle - paradise. To the United States next year, the first time to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to play, then just feel playing amusement park can play for a week are not enough taste. Disney World in Orlando has four amusement park, next door to Universal Studios has two amusement parks, plus Sea World, and the equipment is updated every year, so the Orlando resort is really the Holy Land, is a adults and children will be very happy to go place. Hey, I'm not writing California's Travels do? How it would have been described in Orlando? This is simply because, went to Disney in California only after we deeply feel Orlando is really so beautiful ah!
Anaheim is still growing in the city, due to the very close to Mexico, nearly half of the population is Hispanic, Caucasian here instead regarded minorities. The city gives us the feeling and very much like Phoenix. Will go to Anaheim outsiders, about eighty percent are to go to Disneyland now! We are no exception, especially in Orlando last visited Disney, for its 3D cartoon Fantasia really obsessed, so we decided before the meeting, first Disney play a one day say.

Trip to Anaheim, mainly because of a meeting. These days just met California fire, although the fire would leave the place there are more than miles, but went out to smell smoke, coupled with strong winds and sometimes suddenly, and then how fantastic tourist destination has changed The people do not stay.

Disney parks in California there are two, one is the magic kingdom, the other is the adventure park. Want to see Mickey Mouse Donald Duck and other Disney stars, of course, go to the magic kingdom! Two people are very excited about the ticket queue, until ten o'clock rushed, our thinking is the future of the world most popular first device to play first again, and then to other areas to play slowly at night to see a parade, and then enjoy the water dance and fireworks, really perfect day ah!

Disney to good use in the fast pass, because a lot of popular amenities and a half hours every row of one hour, if the prior took a fast pass, they are only in the specified time back, you can save queuing time. Fast pass took later, have to wait 1-2 hours to take it, so this is a good opportunity for training in time management. I have nothing webmaster strengths is the ability to manage time super, so I first looked into what can not be non-playing, grab a fast pass, rushed to play Space Mountain (mini roller coaster) a.

In the future world spent nearly two hours, we then went to Disneyland castle. Disney's friends have been to Orlando, should the size of the castle there is a printed image, right? Our impression is that with such a start looking castle, and soon, the first to see a small castle, I thought: Really castle should be behind bars? But from the map looks like no other castle yeah? The two of us looked at each other for a long time, it is hard to believe this is the Disney castle, Orlando castle several times larger than this, but also accommodate a group of men in front of the castle dance show something, it will not be the castle Too mini point? She did not believe the map, but do not believe me, did not give up the street arresting passers-by asked, finally had to accept the fact that confused the two decided to eat a turkey leg to say first.


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