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Clearwater, Golf von Mexiko We are back from the family vacation from Florida and South Carolina (USA) and have brought some pictures. After the series of pictures follows a detailed report on road trip planning with toddler.

After I last year had written down our experiences from Thailand at a backpacker's holiday with baby, now follows a sequel with some new aspects.

At first you might think that since it changed nothing serious in the preparations. But there are some differences.Reisegepäck It depends a lot on the infrastructure in the country, the child's age to travel, and what you can actually use everything on the trip.

Objectives of our trip.

  • Visit friends and relatives and spend time with them
  • To live privately with Americans
  • experience intense time as family
  • Less Sightseeing, more rest in the sun, beach and sea

Our tour.

23 days: Miami (Florida) - Fort Lauderdale - Palm Beach - Palm Coast - Columbia (South Carolina) - Clearwater (Florida) - Cape Coral - Miami.

Fortunately, we were about A sum equal to the nights (Fort Lauderdale, Palm Coast, Columbia) to stay private. In between we have just seen spontaneously motels on site.Frühstücken im Motel For the last 7 days we were an apartment in Cape Coral over the internet book (about 1 week in advance).

Preparations for the trip.

I had the very general information for traveling with children Thailand article mentioned before.

Need for the United States even infants have an "adult" passport with biometric data, ie it should necessarily be applied well in advance. In addition, all students must submit the ESTA application to the U.S. 72h before arrival online. This cost 14 dollars / person. Americans make again a special treatment to all other countries around the world.Ferienappartement Cape Coral

Otherwise, we have not prepared for the big trip. Special vaccinations have not been required for Florida. The schedule for the rough route Miami (Florida) - Columbia (South Carolina) - Miami (Florida), we have extended to us by local needs. We knew that we can stay private in three places. Then we shall be free indeed decided on the spot, as long as we stay and when we drive. If you know any individuals, the same can of course be just as spontaneous, as the motel network in the U.S. is well developed. If you have a larger sightseeing but by the thirst you can calculate in more detail in advance.

In our first U.S. trip we had bought a cooler. To 3 U.S. tour we've also transported back to the U.S. in large suitcase. Cold packs are pretty cheap locally.

The luggage.

Have suited up for us for 3 persons 2 large suitcases + 1 flexible large duffel bag . In the bag (luggage for children), we get into our big child seat from Germany, while we were also able to store towels and other heavy things in addition. Surely you can also give up the seat individually, but then you wasted kilos (23kg per piece of luggage permitted) and additional stowage.

Otherwise we had in Thailand as yet the photo backpack and a daypack 30l here for hand luggage. We have valued the benefits of such a daypack again. You can stow individually from the inside and from the outside and with a longer walk makes the hip belt in the small class wearing backpack.

Finally, we have taken our travel stroller. This can give up to fly free.

Needs of the child.

Dining: Because Melia will be 2 years soon, baby food is now out. We bought in supermarket chains site regularly fruit, yoghurts, cereals, chips and their favorite drinks during the day and then kept fresh in the fridge. In the hot meal we tried what they would like from the table mitisst. And how can it be different for a child: French fries taste good excellent! If we had our own kitchen, we mostly cooked hot meals according to their needs. One has to adopt some of the typical German foods such as wholemeal bread and some spreads something to stop. But one finds new foods sometimes more, sometimes less than replacement. We have tried kicking.

Kindersitz im Flugzeug, Babykörbchen im Flugzeug

Source: www.rtphotography.de

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