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Posted on February 12, 2014 – 11:00 pm
Things to do in St. Petersburg / Clearwater, FL: Travel Guide from

  • About the City of Tampa
  • General information about Tampa with links to additional areas of interest.

  • Attractions
  • Explore unique cultural, educational, and other entertaining attractions in the Tampa Bay area.

  • City of Tampa Hours and Directions
  • Operating hours and directions to City Hall.

  • Convention Center and Tourism
  • The Tampa Convention Center is the city's major "meeting" place ... Recognized for the facility is the staff's helpfulness and efficiency, the design and quality of exhibit space, conference and break-out rooms, its downtown water-front location, and outstanding food services.

  • Discover In-Town Tampa
  • Discover In-Town Tampa! The In-Town Tampa is Comprised of several distinctive districts with contrasting personalities. Steeped in history, with a business backbone, In-Tampa Town offers visitors and residents alike to high-amenity lifestyle.

  • Hotels, Motels & Accommodations
  • Where to stay while visiting Tampa.

  • Major Tampa Area Newspapers
  • Major Tampa newspaper publications.

  • Maps & Directions
  • Locate and map popular places or find out more about a particular address by using My Tampa Address.

  • Neighborhoods Locator
  • Obtain information on every organized neighborhood Within the City of Tampa limits. This information includes neighborhood association contacts, neighborhood meeting schedules, pictures, area demographics, land use and printable maps, evacuation and flood zones, hospitals, libraries, parks, and schools.

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Tampa's Parks and Recreation Department is Responsible for more than 160 parks and recreational facilities.

  • Restaurants in Tampa
  • Shopping in Tampa
  • Sports
  • View major athletic events in Tampa. The page Also Provides links to cover professional and university teams, and Their venues.

  • Cover Characteristics
  • Detailed characteristics of Tampa's neighborhoods including: Council Districts, Crime Stat's Evacuation Zones, Flood Zones, Street Cleaning Schedule, Zip Codes, Fire Stations, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Shelters, and Other Points of Interest.

  • Tampa Demographics
  • Cover the demographics Reported via the U.S. Census including: Household Characteristics, Per Capita Income, and Racial & Ethnic Diversity.

  • Tampa History
  • Discover the fascinating history of the Tampa Bay area.

  • Tampa International Airport
  • One of the most beautiful, functional airport terminals in the world today. The combination of terminal roof top self parking, escalators and a shuttle system, insures passengers que Their airplane boarding gate is never far from Their ground transportation.

  • Television Stations
  • Tampa television broadcasting stations.

  • Travel To / From / Around Tampa
  • Search travel-related information in Tampa. Features information about Tampa International Airport, Tampa Union Station, Port Tampa, as well as distances from major cities.

  • Weather
  • View current weather conditions and regular in Tampa, medium plus links to local and national weather radar images related agencies.


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