Visit Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, with children

Posted on June 24, 2011 – 00:00

This week we took the kids to the theme park Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida . Before you go, buy the Busch Gardens passes all year, which cost about the same as a pass for one day, since we live an hour's drive from the park. I recommend the same for anyone who lives in Florida.

What we liked the theme park:

- It is both a zoo and an amusement park. It has many animals: elephants, giraffes, rhinos, zebras, flamingos and gorillas, among others, in a vast space called Serengeti Plain, which can be visited on foot, by train or on a guided safari (you have to pay extra for the safari) .

- It has something for all ages. Younger guests in Safari of Fun, Sesame Street inspired, and Jungala, which has a water park and plenty of space for children to climb and play alone.

- The water attractions. In summer thank attractions that you get wet, and there are at least three. And if you want to upload to none, you can be standing next to them and you will get splashed in its path.

- The green areas. Lots of vegetation of Florida, and really cared. This makes it refreshing.

- There are at least six roller coasters and all are very different. The most recent: Cheetah Hunt, is very nice despite being very fast. Unlike roller coasters, in which the head strikes sometimes side to side, the Cheetah Hunt is very soft (but very rapid).

- Not as commercial as Disney World where every corner trying to sell you something. The atmosphere and decor is different exotic places: Morocco, Africa, Egypt and Australia, among others.

What we liked least:

- The weather was hot (mid-June). Although the water attractions, I consider that there is sufficient means to cool. At times passes park staff with a spray of water, and sell fans with water ($ 12), but some parts of the park are unbearable at midday.

- You have to pay for everything. From the $ 13 parking, up 50 cents every time you want to leave your stuff in a locker (do not want you dip the portfolio or that you fall from a roller coaster and you have to insert and remove your personal items in the locker several times ), going for $ 2.50 for a small bottle of water, everything costs money. This is common to all the amusement parks today. Yes, there is free drinking fountains.


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