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Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:15
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  • Disney World - Free Vacation Planning Video Answer a Few Questions and They Will mail this video to you absolutely free! | U.S. Residents |
  • Disney Cruise Line - FREE Vacation Planning CD This offer is available to U.S. and Canadian Households only. Answer a Few Questions and They Will mail this CD and Disney Cruise Line vacation planning set to you absolutely free!
  • Free Florida Vacation Guide from Visit Florida, Florida's official tourism website. Browse Their electronic guides - eBooks: View printable PDF brochures: Or, order a print guide (take any of These links and scroll to the bottom of the page): French, German or Spanish and UK versions available by Clicking links at bottom of the page.
  • Daytona Beach Visitors Guide
    The newest edition of the Daytona Beach area's official visitors guide is now available FREE-of-load to interested travelers. Take this link and click on the Visitor Guide link at the top right of the site. Please be safe to mention 's Travel Florida ( When you heard how Abebooks web sites of Their Web site.
  • Florida's Beach Guide - Free guide for St. Petersburg / Clearwater area.
  • Fort Lauderdale Planner
    Free vacation planner by email or fax by calling 800-22SUNNY or fill out the request by Clicking the link above.
  • Jacksonville & The Beaches Visitors Guide Free PDF Version to print.
  • FREE Kissimmee Vacation Planning Kit That includes an Official Vacation Planner Kissimmee and Kissimmee Vacation Values ​​Brochure for Kissimmee area (near Disney).
  • FREE Miami Vacation Planner est également disponible en Spanish language edition.
  • FREE Tampa Bay Area Brochures Either by email or download and print pdf format. None of the websites linked to from the website are affiliated with in any Manner, Inc. The services provided by any company or individual May All which you access from the Web site, are out of the control of, Inc. and, Inc. Shall not be liable to you or to anyone else in connection with any Such services Provided.

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    Re: buying your first home

    2006-03-31 18:00:59 by usdreamscometrue

    Hi there,
    I understand from your email that you serve(d) in the coast guard and recently relocated to SoFla. I am a licensed mortgage broker in South Florida. One of the sites I manage during my spare time is (it is a work in progress). Visit the site- there is information on ...ving here every year. From the (official FL government) web site: Florida has added 1.35 million residents over the past four years...including 400,000 in 2004 alone.
    I hope this information proved useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of further assistance.
    Thank you for serving our country & good luck with your search!

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    St. Simons Island, Ga., full of Southern comforts  —
    The stress level begins to drop once I exit Interstate 95 less than an hour north of the Florida state line, swing through the small port city of Brunswick and turn east into the vast salt marshes. A 5-mile stretch takes me over the F.J.

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    • Avatar Joey I would like to just watch documentaries on the history of vietnam that is not war related. are there any?
      Apr 16, 2011 by Joey | Posted in History

      I guess what I am looking for is something along the lines of their way of life, how the land is cultivated, types of animals that are unique to only Vietnam, its architecture, and other things you would never know about.

      • Historically the Viets have fought wars with just about everybody who comes along, from the ancient Khmer to the Chinese. You will not find many books about Vietnam that do not involve conflict.

        Uncle Nguyen is a peace-loving person - put two of him in the one room for twenty minutes, and one is sure to emerge victorious.

    • Avatar lili What beach can i take my dog to?
      Jan 28, 2006 by lili | Posted in Dogs

      Hi , I live in hollywood florida, I have a labrador that loves to swim and i cant find a beach that allows pets

      • State and National Parks Leashed dogs are technically allowed in State and National Parks but are generally excluded from beaches and from many trails. Beaches that generally accept leashed dogs (in at least some areas) i …Beach Dogs allowed, year-round, between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m.
        FL Jupiter Dogs allowed on non-guarded beaches, year-round. Must be under voice control.
        FL Fire Coast Area south of Jacksonville that allows dogs.

    • Avatar ~ Christine ~ Where are some good but inexpensive places to eat in Seattle?
      Jul 15, 2010 by ~ Christine ~ | Posted in Seattle

      My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Seattle and would like to get some ideas of places we can eat that are inexpensive but serve good food. We like - Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese....

      • Great question!

        A good friend of mine just moved to Seattle not too long ago, and before he left I did some research on the best places to eat. He's hispanic, and from Tampa, FL, so it was difficult to find …(Travel Channel) that has a show "Man Vs. Food" which follows the best food in different cities, and happened to go to Seattle, WA:

        hope that this will help you on your vacation! Enjoy Seattle!!!