Dolphin Tale, such as the location of a film changes the face of tourism

Posted on March 18, 2014 – 07:20 am

Il Film Dolphin Tale con la sua location a Cleanwater,FloridaImagine being the star of a Hollywood movie and the positive implications that this entails ... and if there was one of the protagonists your territory?Propose and be chosen as the location is the main task of the Film Commission and Florida,more precisely in Clearwater,they are doing a great job.

From yesterday,it arrived in theaters " Dolphin Tale "(released in Italy on 18/11),the real history of a dolphin now swims with a prosthesis after losing her tail in a crab trap.It's called Winter and was organized in Clearwater Marine Aquarium where the film is set and where he now lives for complete rehabilitation.

Winter is already a symbol of strength and courage for many and it is already a very important resource,but will now become a movie star and she will also become the tourism of the area.

The tourism promotion agency of Clearwater and Pinellas County is ready to ride the wave of enthusiasm that followed the release in cinemas.The main objective is to exploit the buzz that the film will generate.

Both the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and other local sites show their best face over a two-hour movie: what better spot to promote tourism?

A unique opportunity that has already brought benefits to the local population during the shoot.You just have to continue working together.So,with $ 50 million for the promotional campaign of Warner Bros are added $ 250, 000 intended to emphasize the link between the dolphin and this area of ​​Florida.

A whole page of USA Today to thank the local star,vehicles hired from Hertz in some airports of the state with labels to promote the Aquarium,home of Winter,contests to win trips to Clearwater,merchandising and of course packages to meet the star: a remarkable effort that will be well rewarded with positive repercussions that will last for a very long time.

Maybe Winter will not win an Oscar but surely captivate the hearts of many,all over the world.Clearwater thanks and meanwhile you can enjoy its star.

We leave you with the trailer,waiting for the release of Dolphin Tale in Italy.Meanwhile,while planning your trip to Florida ... well admired Winter in real time via webcam ,the "Diva" is waiting for you!

Daniela Geraci

Born in the shadow of the Gran Sasso (L'Aquila) on 27/10/1985,since 2008 the call of the sea has led me to Pesaro,where I finished my studies with a degree of specialist in Communication and Advertising for Organizations at the Faculty of Sociology of the University "Carlo Bo" of Urbino.Everything about Web Marketing,Social Media and Tourism interests me and makes me curious.The rest of the time divide between sports,books,movies and Tv series


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2007-02-08 20:11:15 by sunandseatravelpro

If you package your airfare and your accommodations, you probably have more choices then you might think. Your post is a little unclear if you want the entire week to be under $700 or just the airfare portion. You can pick up vacation packages to the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area in... in Clearwater, more nightlife in Ybor City in Tampa, Busch Gardens, some great parks where you canoe or kayak. I live here, so I know a bit about this area. During Spring Break, the area certainly gets its share of spring breakers, but it is much more subdued than the Daytona or Panama City spring breaks you may be more familiar with.
Marty Gallenstein
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