Distance travel winter 2011/12: Highlights of RTI catalogs

Posted on February 10, 2014 – 10:44 pm
Florida Keys & Key West vacation planning starts here with the

The tour operator FTI builds the winter program for 2011/12 continues. With the same number of catalogs hotel selection has grown year on year winter by six percent. In addition, the organizers presented a Skikatalog for North America.

North America: New "Aircruises" private airplane with three routes in the U.S. and Canada

In North America, RTI is the first time round-trip air the program. Carried out with the new partner Mauiva "Air Cruises' offers the organizer in three routings. Doing all distances traveled by private aircraft to within a few short trips. Guests have the choice between a tour that runs from New York through the eastern United States and Canada, as well as a variant from West Los Angeles. A combined trip combines both tours together and it leads straight across the American continent. The country program can be booked as either a bus or car tour. Among other things, the participants will visit the Niagara Falls, Toronto, San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Included in the holiday package are nights in quality hotels, as well as, depending on the booked variant breakfast or half board and the tour guide. Available are the round-trip air from 999 € per person in double room. Another innovation in the North American winter catalog is a combination trip that combines a stay in New York City with a beach holiday in the Bahamas. It is available as a complete package including flights. In Florida, RTI offers for the first time on a guided bike tour with Harley-Davidson bikes that leads from Orlando to Key West. For the snow destinations in the U.S. and Canada, the North America specialist sets for the second time on its own online catalog. This includes 13 ski resorts and 42 hotels.

Caribbean: Focus on the Greater Antilles / Bonaire for the first time in the program

The Caribbean program builds RTI for the winter further and starts with 36 new hotels in the winter season. The focus is on the Greater Antilles with the objectives Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba. There add new hotels in Havana offer. Especially in the Dominican Republic and Mexico expands FTI offering the five-star range. The two first launched in summer enjoyment and active tours of HolidayPLUS by FTI brand in Cuba leads the organizer continued during the winter season. In addition, Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean is a new destination on the RTI map. On the two other ABC Islands, Aruba and Curacao, RTI expands its portfolio and also take houses in the 3.5 - to 4.5-star range in the overall total of 220 pages Caribbean catalog on.

Latin America: Colombia and Panama premiere

In Latin America RTI increases with Colombia and Panama, two new countries into the program. In both states, coach tours and short tours are available, which can also be linked. The hotel program in the two new destinations includes houses in the big cities as well as bathing resorts and jungle lodges. Also in the other Latin American destinations FTI has revised the tour program. New country combinations as the three week tour "Across America" ​​are available as well as shorter trips, for example, a four-day hike along the Inca Trail in Peru or a trip by train to the "Green Brazil". In the land of the Amazon also complement the program quality boutique hotels. Overall, the Latin catalog has grown to 40 pages to 244 pages and now includes twelve countries in Central and South America.

Source: www.fernreise-magazin.de

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Within the U.S. I'd go to Florida

2013-03-06 09:46:25 by portia_pie

Like somehwere in the Keys. For European travel, I have used GoToday.com. They put together very good packages for European cities.

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