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Cruise / Cruise introduction (original full version) Tour (Post) wheel travel in the world (especially in the U.S.) is the fastest growing in recent years tourism industry, a year on average fourteen million tourists aboard cruise ships, which has ten million visitors from North America. It still survive this downturn over the past three decades entitled to an annual average of 7% annual growth rate. The author is a pair of young couples in their thirties, love to travel and footprint of the United States dozens of national parks. Take the last five years began avid cruise tourism, has pitched 12 times, is a friend in the eyes of travel of people, often in a blog to share travel experiences.
I solicitation in the World Journal, the share among the most ram on this cruise travel information.

About cruise passenger cruise ship entertainment nature, mostly for cruising trip (round-trip), rather than transporting passengers to the main purpose elsewhere. It originated over 100 years ago to transport the mail, cargo ships, often referred to cruise past, although the term in order to have timely, but still a lot of travel agents and media to be used. Today's cruise ships is growing, and some have more than the size of an aircraft carrier to become a sea resort city (floating resort). Most mainstream cruise trip is eight days and seven nights, but there are also longer (10 ~ 15 days or longer) and short (3 to 6 days) of the trip. Think of it as an almost all-inclusive packages, pay once money, including accommodation, transport, food (alcohol and carbonated drinks to pay), as well as basic entertainment; if they mix a land tour, a term purchase These services, all add up to breakdown, it is possible to spend considerable cost equally. Sometimes, because of the special nature of the destination (such as southeastern Alaska Inside Passage inside passage and the Caribbean islands), arrange their own transportation is very difficult and expensive, cruises have become the most economical and reasonable choice.

Cruise Bargain reason most people think of cruises, cruise ship will feel very expensive and out of reach, this is actually a myth. Over the past few decades, the 7th cruise price, almost no rise; contrast, during the same period due to inflation, consumer goods, prices, wages have risen more than 100%. Why cruise prices, costs can be controlled at such a low? Mainly due to the intensification of globalization, a large number of third world labor input to the developed countries, while the cruise industry is also clever use of these resources. Ship's crew, according to different shipping companies have different, but mainly come from South-East Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand), and Eastern European countries (Romania, Croatia, Belarus, etc.). Shipping companies to pay these employees is not high, but remain in the country than the salary working conditions must be high, so hard, but is still very popular in the industry, so the shipping company can easily find many speak English, there is work ethic well-trained quality but low-paid employees. And all the vessels are registered in the tax rate is low, loose maritime labor laws in countries such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Panama and other places on board are therefore consumption tax, but also legitimate operation of casinos, which provide huge profits, but also significantly reducing the cruise industry operating costs.


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For vacation travel

2009-03-19 23:23:54 by nook1357

Try You bid on vacation flights, rooms and packages. I've used it three times.
1) Venice- 7 days room and round trip flight for $1000
2) Costa Rica- 8 days resort, daily tour, and car $1200.
3) Australia round trip and 7 days hotel, three days car $1200.
I would also look a all of the airport near you. See if they have any small airlines with low airfares.I have used Allegiant air, Skyblue, usa3000 and paid $60-$99 for round trip to Florida from NE.
Also sign up of last minute deals on usair, united airlines.
Good Luck.

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    There's 2 adults, an 8 yr old and a 3 yr old. I'm talking, travel from the UK, accommodation for a fortnight, passes to the parks, food and a car when there. Basically the whole hog, everything, how much is it gonna cost?

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    • If you go to Expedia, they have a link for all inclusive packages. Just click on it and pick where you want to go. Good Luck!