Class Golf | 6 YEARS: TDG 6 YEARS | Brazil - St. Augustine

Posted on January 21, 2014 – 10:06 am

Hello faithful followers of the Class Golf ... Our journey after tight magic button that triggers the work of our annual gut begins with basic logistical procedures displacement between Brazil and St. Augustine, Florida - U.S.. A procedure that involves shifting all the paperwork and the usual setbacks, always present in the Class Golf travel.

The journey began with the traditional setback on land already in its early stages. Flight canceled in Porto Alegre with chaos installed in waiting rooms for passengers relocation. With hard work, we can fix things in Porto Alegre while the class of Floripa left for São Paulo without major setbacks.

The meeting in the VIP room of São Paulo, where he was expected to Class Golf, was the few brief moments that remain between the arrival in Sao Paulo, the redispatch of baggage, check-in procedures and international flight Duty Free.

Aboard the magnificent and not so new Boeing 777-200 American Airlines, Hernandes Gimenezstein makes the evaluation Enogastronomica your cardárpio First Class, praying that the flight is not the one with scales Unscheduled Aruba, Santo Domingo or any Caribbean island .

The day comes on board and the air already in the United States welcome you ... In the vicinity of the Bahamas our plane makes a slight maneuver to dodge a set of supercell storm that illustrates this photo with all its grandeur and beauty.

After 2 and a half hours from Miami immigration and Customs release ... Hertz arrived to pick up our vehicles were previously selected for follow-up of our trip ...

Cars identified, properly logotipados, we can see the countenance of the elder Fernando Gimenezstein the excitement of it with the 5 hour journey ahead. FEATURED this trip our friend Alvaro Sardinha that just 40 days ago, I was lying in an ICU bed, recovering from his heart surgery.

Leaving the airport we went to the Doral to get the bare wire of the trip: Cláudio Nogueira and their 19 bags of skin creams and sunscreens. Just pass very well used as there is no comparison to drop a load in the airport bathroom and dressing room Doral. With latrines baptized, we hit the road again ...

The above map shows our route of travel from Miami to Saint Augustine. Is 320 miles or 512 kilometers to our final destination ... A journey that seemed endless, but with a much higher purpose and that certainly would be worth it.

Output 298 ... Whew! We arrived ... False alarm! Actually our exit was a little further, but very little. We drove another 15 miles and arrived at the gates of our destiny golfístico ...

The PGA World Golf Village and Hall of Fame. Traditional arrival humiliating gardens beautifully furnished and identified signaling itself, beds clean and stunning visual fields in the first contact of visitors to this magical place.

The access road overlooks the condos that make up the complex and also the golf courses that are two: King & Bear and Slammer and Squire in honor of the greatest players of this sport.

This is the central hall of our hotel: Marriott Renaissance St. Augustine. Waterfalls internal, Italian restaurant, bar, swimming pools, gym and all the good that a hotel can offer its guests.

That is the view from our room to the central lake of the World Golf Village which is surrounded by restaurants, support institutions golf, PGA headquarters in Florida and Golf Hall of Fame.

Scene ridiculous to be told they had SEVERAL (many) packages and parcels for Mr. Roudricooo Rimenezzz. The strength of the order of hells! King of the Amazon ... muambeiro professional I do not know how you can bring it all to Brazil.


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My opinion -- do the driving one.

2007-10-28 20:38:32 by ---

I wouldn't risk bidding on a Florida vacation only to discover I couldn't get a decent airfare to get me there to use it.
Also IMO many people going to Orlando buy packages (air, hotel, rental car, disney passes, etc) and that's often the best deal.

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  • Avatar SmiLeZ Florida Honeymoon locations?
    Jan 07, 2009 by SmiLeZ | Posted in Other - United States

    I am planning my wedding for September 19 and am needing help picking a honeymoon destination! We are thinking somewhere in florida. It HAS to have an amazing beach that has good weather in September. Any suggestions? Hopefully somewhere without jellyfish?? Help?!

    Thanks!! :)

    • Florida is a great place to take a honeymoon and you can go there on almost any type of budget. The most Romantic place that I know of and love is Sanibel Island FL. Awesome little island in the gulf near Fort Meyers FL. …stine if you have never been you should check it out. Another idea for you is to spend a few days in St. Augustine and then head to Savannah GA (it is only 3 hours away) for another great classic city.
      would stay

  • Avatar Me Planning trip to Orlando, any advice?
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    We are a family of five. Two adults, 3 kids (13,8 and 22 months)

    We need to plan this trip from the start. We will drive from Philadelphia area. So we need advice on the drive, any good stops on the way down …ong>travel books this week. Thanks!
    We would like to do Disney, as well as some other attractions in the area.

    • I live in Orlando and use to work at Disney and I currently have two young kids... However as a child in a family of 5 we use to drive down for vacation... so I see your situation well.

      As far as driving it …/>
      Do you want to do things outside the status toturist places??

      The questions are endless.... however for every question someone has a tip.... and if you want email me... I'll tell ya what I think