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Posted on May 1, 2010 – 00:00

Travelogue: Florida - much more than Disneyland With a 10-year-olds in the Sunshine State - is hardly complete without a trip to Disney! But we have experienced in the 2 weeks or more, discovered places that have never heard of a package tour, met friendly and courteous people and gained impressions that last for years to come.

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It was THE gift for my son for his Communion 2 weeks Florida with Mom and Grandma! We both also made us with that first trip to the United States itself is a gift, we have prudently kept for us ...
When planning our trip we were very quickly agreed that we wanted to explore the sunshine state in the U.S. with a car on our own route, without being tied to pre-booked hotel. Beginning and end of our trip (Orlando and Miami) were fixed quickly, so we were able to book our flights. Transatlantic from Munich to Philadelphia and back to domestic flights from Philadelphia to Orlando and Miami back to Philadelphia.
Since we would end up only later in the evening in Orlando and wanted to spend the first few days there, also the first of our hotel was already booked from home. Also the car was reserved in Germany (via the ADAC).
At the beginning of Pentecost 2005, we went off to the big trip: next to my son, my mother and my brother in law was one of the party - as a male escort as indispensable as a driver.
The flight from Munich to Philadelphia was smooth and pleasant, and the first acquaintance with a major U.S. airport for us was anything but terrifying. On the contrary, such a unique, indeed almost "foolproof" signs we had never seen until now. Immigration and customs were quickly done, the U.S. stopover for us novices interesting and entertaining. Also, the flight passed quickly to the south, just search for a taxi that could take us all four together our luggage, proved cumbersome than anything.
As of midnight, we finally arrived in our hotel, the "Red Horse Inn" checked in short, we were just tired. We had, as then during the entire tour, a large room with two double or king-size beds. After a brief helplessness we even understood the function of the air conditioner and could our first night in Florida sleepy ...

For our days in Orlando we had planned visits to two of the famous parks and a trip to Kennedy Space Center - firstly because we at the beginning of the journey still fit enough felt for the stress of a park visit, on the other hand, because we thus have a were able to check off most of the strictly necessary for our youngest points.
From our hotel, took a free shuttle bus to the Disney parks as well as Sea World. This service is used directly on the first day for a visit to Disney's Epcot Center - fortunately my son was not the ultimate fan of various cartoon characters, so was spared in the so-called Magic Kingdom us a day ...
The various attractions of Epcot is dedicated to the playful and entertaining exploration of science. Thus, the visitor is immediately after entering the park after he walks to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Co. past (which is also in Epcot never quite escapes), with silver Spaceship Earth much about the history of communication. The Living Seas makes known to the inhabitants of the seas and coasts around Florida and sensitized to the problems of the environment.
Between the different attractions, there are of course always the famous (and sometimes infamous) high-speed rail, missile simulators, etc. But even fanciful fountains and manicured lawns and flower beds provide variety.


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    I am looking for any information on planning a Disneyland Florida Vacation. I have no experience or knowledge about Disney and Florida. Any suggestions, recommendations, information would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance for all responses.

    • First of all, it's Disney WORLD that's in Florida. It's important to know that because if you are looking up information on Disneyland then you will be looking at the resort in California.

      The absolute best … post any other questions you have in the Travel > United States > Orlando section of Yahoo Answers because there are some very informed answerers there, including Orlando residents and a few Disney World employees.

  • Avatar Victoria Jane Is there a suite inside the Disneyland castle in Anaheim, California?
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    I'm talking about the castle in California, not the Disneyworld in Florida. I heard that there is one, but not really sure about it. If there is, how much does it cost to stay there?

    • There is one in the castle in Florida (actually I think there is more than one). You should be able to find out through Disneys website whether you can rent it and how much. They had some contests a while back where staying there was one of the prizes but those are done now.

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    I didn't even realize that my question was under the Orlando section! *hangs head in shame* thank you all for your answers and tipping me off to my mistake!

    • I would suggest renting a florida villa near disney over a hotel as you get a lot more for your money and you wouldn't have to worry about lots of children in separate hotel rooms - sorry but you don't say how many you ar …llar and book through you are flying in from UK I would highly recommend virgin airlines as they are child friendly, do children's meals, give out activity packs and have children's programmes on the individual monitors.