Medical travel can be used to access technology

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Medical travel can be used to access technology

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tourisme medical technologie de pointe 300x225 photo Seeking medical technologies through the "medical travel" can change the lives of patients and their family members, according to medical anthropologists Cecilia Vindrola-Padros and Linda M. Whiteford, who examined the lives of Bolivian and Paraguayan families who traveled to Buenos Aires in Argentina to go in search of pediatric oncology care for their children. In a study published in the current issue of Technology and Innovation - Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors-, Vindrola-Padros and Whiteford, who are at the University of South Florida, examined the various causes and complex that lead to medical travel in search of new and better medical technology and also analyzed the role of the host country.

"Rather than focusing on the issues of equal access, many academic discussions related to technology development on technological innovation and adaptation to meet the needs of users, " said Vindrola-Padros .

In their study, Vindrola-Padros and Whiteford on medical travelers to research technologies, they analyzed the impact on families, and discussed the political health of the host nation.

According Vindrola-Padros, care policies of migration and health of the host country play an important role.

"The resources available for families traveling medical The host country also determine the ease with which families can develop and adapt, " she has said.

Vindrola-Padros and Whiteford noted that a new initiative called the Argentine government "Medicina Argentina" with lower prices for medical treatment in Argentina, lead to an increase in the number of medical travelers to this nation. In addition, Argentina's lax immigration and health policies under a model of universal health care in which health care is not considered in terms of financial gain or citizenship but indicates Vindrola Padros as a universal human right.

"In 2009, Argentina received between 6000 and 8000 foreign patients, " said Vindrola-Padros. "The government aims to increase this number to 100, 000. "

Vindrola-Padros, who collected and examined the stories of family members who have left home in search of medical technology in Argentina, found that the medical travel can be a strategy to overcome barriers to access to care Health and technologies that may not be available in their country.

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