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Posted on April 25, 2014 – 01:28 pm

IDEA: athletic scholarships to play football, basketball, tennis and golf at U.S. universities

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The STB - Student Travel Bureau is open enrollment for the academic and athletic programs of the International Doorway to Education & athetics (IDEA), an organization specializing in the recruitment and placement of students in U.S. universities.

According to the manager of Higher Education, STB, Renata Santana, the athletic scholarships modalities football, basketball, tennis and golf can vary between 50% and 100% compared to the value of the institution's tuition, including room and board.

To apply, the candidate must have good grades, be attending the last year of high school, or university, or be recently graduated. Should be between 16 and 26 years and above, be skilled in practicing sport, without being a professional athlete.

Once registration is complete, in July, competing with students from various countries in a showcase in Florida. In this event, which lasts two weeks, technical universities evaluate the performance of each athlete in their respective sports. "Those selected receive scholarships according to their ability, which allows up to four years of study in American university, " said Renata. Entries for athletic scholarships end in June. Courses can begin in August or January of the following year.

Academic scholarship

The scholarships are at least 50%, including the tuition, room and board. To apply, candidates must be between 18 and 26 years, be college and get good grades. In this case, the student must submit the curriculum to evaluate the IDEA, upon registration, through the STB. "It is not necessary proficiency in English, but the more advanced the level of the candidate, the greater your chances of getting the scholarship, " says Renata. Each subscriber receives ten scholarship offers in their chosen area and can transfer credits to continue studies in U.S. institutions.

Registrations are permanent and courses begin in September in most universities. More information: or


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I am back

2008-03-14 05:21:07 by Sweeet_Melissa

I am stuffed and tired......soon I will be asleep....if I do not respond to a post it is because I fell a sleep...take no offense...
so you are going to Florida....I use to travel up and down the east coast when I had my comic book and baseball card whole sell job...I got as far south as Columbus Georgia....never Florida
Lots of kinky places in Columbus is right next to Fort Benning...those solder guys are into everything.
Not much goes on in the kinkfo this early....I guess all the west coasters are still in bed...

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