Festival events. International Jazz Festival 26/06/2013-07/07/2013 La Spezia (SP), Liguria

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La Spezia (SP)
From June 26 to July 7 at 19:00 at 23:40

Program 45 * editi and

June 26 La Spezia
Urban Center
18.30 Opening Show
Giètz! graphic novel by Andrea Campanella and Hannes Pasqualini
Piazza Mentana (admission € 15 + presale)
21:30 Hiromi: Trio Project feat Jackson & Smith

June 27 Lerici Round Vassallo (free admission)
21:30 Rita Marcotulli and Enzo Pietropaoli

June 28 Portovenere Piazzale San Pietro (free admission)
21:30 Aldo Bassi Metal Jazz Trio

June 29 La Spezia Porto Mirabello (free admission)
21:30 First Trip Quartet

30 giugn or La Spezia (free admission)
Piazza Mentana
21:30 Jazz All Stars
Allende Centre
24.00 Monday Big Band

July 1 La Spezia (free admission)
Indicates Bar Disco De Lisi
19:00 Angelo Del Santo presents the book
"This sound is a legend" by Esi Edugyan Blacks Pozza publisher
Speaker Aldo Bassi
Piazza Mentana
21:30 Fabio Zeppetella Trio
Allende Centre
24.00 Giulio Giangarè trio

July 2 La Spezia (free admission)
Allende Centre
19:00 Semifinals Tiberius Nicola Award
Piazza Mentana
22:00 Elisabetta Antonini quartet
Allende Centre
24.00 Jam Session

July 3 La Spezia (free admission)
Allende Centre
19:00 Semifinals Tiberius Nicola Award
Piazza Mentana
22:00 Kevin Hays Piano Solo
Allende Centre
24.00 Jam Session

July 4th La Spezia (free admission)
Allende Centre
19:00 Semifinals Tiberius Nicola Award
Piazza Mentana
22:00 Flavio Boltro quartet
Allende Centre
24.00 Outside Quartet

July 5 La Spezia (free admission)
Restaurant Like You
19:00 Paul Asti presents the book
"Still Life with case sax" by Geoff Dyer publisher Einaudi
Speakers Donnie Mc Caslin
Piazza Mentana
21:00 Juvenocracy septet (usa)
22:30 Donnie McCaslin, Scott Colley and Francisco Mela
Allende Centre
24.00 University of South Florida Jazztet (USA)

July 6 La Spezia (free admission)
Urban Center
19:00 Andrea Campanella presents the book
Giètz! graphic novel by A. Bell and H. Pasqualini-Tunué publishers imaginary
Speaker Kevin Hays
Piazza Mentana
21:00 Big Band Conservatorio della Spezia
22:30 Scott Colley, Flavio Boltro, Donnie McCaslin, Kevin Hays and Francisco Mela
Bastion Square
21:00 Juvenocracy septet (usa)
22:30 University of South Florida Jazztet (USA)
Corso Cavour
21:00 Fabio Zeppetella trio
22:30 Monday Big Band
Via the Prion
21:00 Live Jazz Open Space
Allende Centre
24.00 Jam Session

July 7 La Spezia (free admission)
Piazza Mentana
21:00 Final Tiberius Nicola Award
Allende Centre
24.00 Jam Session

From 26 June to 7 July at The Bacchus
20.30 Jazz Live

From 26 June to 7 July
Urban Center
Giètz! graphic novel by Andrea Campanella and Hannes Pasqualini-Tunué publishers

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Source: www.eventiesagre.it

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