Hot Spot Miami Beach: The best clubs and restauants

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Ocean Drive in Miami Stroll along Ocean Drive are looking at News Cafe a place there and treat yourself to a breakfast of muesli with fresh fruit and orange juice - that starts a perfect morning in Miami South Beach. For variety but sometimes it may be a few typical American pancakes. The location with the address 800 Ocean Drive, who like himself visited fashion designer Gianni Versace, in addition to record-breaking opening times in 24 hours, especially outside offers a great atmosphere. Dine in the shade of trees and maybe it scrolls by one of the newspapers, which can be bought in the News Café.

Who's in Miami South Beach, the beach life is not to be missed.South Beach, Miami, Florida Whether you are sunning itself on one of the chairs on the sandy beach or opt for water sports - sometime is the stomach for a fresh drink or a salad. Nowhere can better enjoy both during the day than at the southernmost tip of South Beach in the Beach Nikki Beach (One Ocean Drive). Here the most beautiful of the beautiful people meet for a few drinks, the famous Sunday brunch or just to chill out on one of the many sun beds.

If a beach day is over and the sun sets behind the skyline of palm trees and Art Deco buildings, attracts the nightlife of Miami Beach. First, it is one of the numerous restaurants, for example, the Sylvano (1925 Liberty Ave).Fort Lauderdale skyline The Italian has fantastic dishes such as calamari and fish for about ten to for around $ 15. For a wide range of cozy restaurants I can put each Espanola Way, the road to the heart, where in addition to the lively atmosphere of an international cuisine is served. Indeed, a restaurant joins to the other: you get Spanish tapas, Cuban and Mexican dishes, but also some Italians who settled here over time. After a day of shopping on Lincoln Road of Espanola Way is the right destination. The restaurant visit can then go to a bar hopping or visiting one of the salsa bars.Banner beach hotels

But not only the Espanola Way is clear how much influence the Hispanic immigrant culture and tourism in Miami Beach. On Ocean Drive, the most famous road in Florida, so is also the salsa lounge Mango's Tropical Cafe (900 Ocean Drive). In the immediate vicinity there are several open-air bars and clubs where local and international DJs electronic beats. If you want to keep celebrities out, the Skybar at the Shore Club in Miami Beach should (1901 Collins Avenue) is not to be missed. In the glamorous Red Room beverages can be tried until the early morning. If you fall into the nightlife of South Beach, but you should always remember one thing: At the presentation. Alcohol is allowed only after 21 years and the controls are very strict, even if one is already beyond the 30th

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    Aug 28, 2010 by Maceline | Posted in Other - Destinations

    My high school French Club is planning on going to New Orleans for a week during spring break (Since our county won't let us go out of country to France) and i'm the treasurer and am in charge of finding out all of the prices for the trip but I don't know any good, reliable bus company's. I already searched on the web and was confused and lost from the get-go. HELP SOMEONE PLZ! ( By the way I live in south Florida)

    • High schools normally use school buses for trips, but south Florida to New Orleans is at least 18 hours on the road (each way) and that is a really long way to travel in a regular (Bluebird-type) school bus.

      Let me know if you want suggestions for teen-friendly tourist-type activities in New Orleans. There is a lot more to the city than just Bourbon Street.