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Posted on August 7, 2013 – 15:16
Passenger train on track for South Florida, company executive

From our offices in South Florida, we offer our customers a full travel solution. From On-Site to global travel agents, off-Site call center, Preferred Corporate Travel HAS Implemented and operated travel solutions for leading American corporations and institutions.

Our unique pricing model and service Enables us to Provide our customers with higher value while RETAINING full traveler satisfaction.

Whether your goal is to cut costs or simply REDUCE Increase compliance or complaints about services, we can Provide the Highest Quality service.

  • Cost Cutting: We process our corporate travel agents to look beyond the GDS for prices. We Have Access to a wide number of bulk fare contracts as well as a network of consolidators That enable us to cut your cost Substantially. Not only do we keep cost low but time short, keeping our agents transaction time to under 30 minutes from the initial request.
  • Cutting edge self-booking tool Cliqbook by Concur designated and individually customized to EACH corporation, in order to adhere to corporate special requirements, Negotiated rates, and travel policy. Furthermore, with our sophisticated reporting system I-Bank, open for use credit tracking, and many more functions on accounting, you can rest assure there is no money left on the table.
  • Other features to help you make your corporate travel management more efficient, our travel harbor can answer all your issues and allow you easy access to all our products in one place.
  • INCREASE COMPLIANCE: We aim to Reduce conflict betweens the traveler's requirements and the travel policy stipulations. Our agents Understand That sometimes the travel policy can be restrictive and make every endeavor to stay Within the boundaries Dictated by management. HOWEVER, we cater to the travelers aussi Have you are faced with the inconvenience of business travel. We do our best to bridge betweens the two requirements in order to maximize employee productivity while RETAINING bottom line savings.
  • REDUCE COMPLAINTS ABOUT SERVICE: Business travel is no fun. Period. At PCT Travel, We Understand That and aim to make the travel experience as pleasant as possible. From shortening the schedule stage to understanding the business requirements and schedule of the traveler. We now expect our officers to to the smallest details as our goal is ZERO mid-travel mishaps! With the travelers happy about our service and efficiency, management can rest assure That Will Increase productivity and performance.


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    • I live in Indiana, not far from where many of those trailers are made. There seems to be no shortage of used trailers for sale around here! I would think too that Southern Florida would have many for sale as the people get older and may not want to pull them any longer.