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Posted on January 18, 2014 – 09:23 am

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If you love art, you do not have to give up this cultural experience during a holiday on the Floriday Keys in the U.S.. Colorful oil paintings, shimmering bronze sculptures or unusual prints - anywhere the vibrancy and the special flair of the multi-faceted chain of islands south of Miami come to better advantage than in the local art scene. Regular "Art Walks" invite visitors and art lovers for an evening stroll culture.

First stop is coming from the north Islamorada. Here art, cuisine, music and entertainment are important to the Third Thursday Art Walk About. Every third Thursday of the month, the Morada Way turns a meeting place for art lovers. For casual receptions, there are great opportunities for exchange with the present young talents and established artists.

Small boutiques, cozy cafes, flashy art and antique dealer and a lively scene typical of Key West in the south at the bottom. Therefore, it is not surprising that art enthusiasts come here several times a month at their expense. Every third Thursday of the month, the White Street and Truman Avenue to the attraction for many locals and tourists. Then you can enjoy on the Walk on White a leisurely stroll through art and culture. Even the legendary Duval Street, the colorful and sceney heart of Key West, held every first Friday of the month an Art Walk. When Upper Duval Street Stroll know it is for visitors and residents original works of national and local artists. The Art and Ambiance Walk finally held every first Thursday of the month around the historic harbor.

Also off the monthly Art Walks the Florida Keys offer a variety of opportunities for art enthusiasts, such as regular events and exhibitions around the Mallory Square in Key West or smaller, undiscovered galleries around the islands Kona Kai and Big Pine.

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I'm in Tampa right now, was thinking of

2005-01-19 17:50:36 by whatchagonnado

Buying real estate here because the prices can't be beat, but:
- there's still plenty of open land to keep building out into - and Tampa is one of the biggest cities in Florida.
- the job/economy here isn't the greatest. Despite being a non-liberal state, there doesn't seem to be much economy here other than tourism. And Walmart/service jobs.
- JP Morgan just laid of 1200 peopl...otjobs). I'm in tech, and can't find work here (and this is supposedly the "tech center" of Florida), so I'll probably move back to CA.
- Sinkholes, hurricanes, horribly humid and hot summer weather, and a totally flat (and, to my native Californian sensitibilities, totally boring) natural environment leave a lot to be desired in terms of location.
Just my 2 cents, from someone here.

Some links

2005-12-16 09:10:51 by drbeede

If you want collective opinions, here's what the mainstream experts in the field think:
I don't think they're too far wrong for the country as a whole. However, what they fail to say is that there will be housing categories, and entire regions, that will more crash than stagnate. My general rule of thumb is "the faster they went up, the faster they'll go down." Sometimes called the arrow e...on relative to inflation. I don't see these high inventories going away any time soon. The constant stream of "bubble" articles in the mainstream press doesn't help - these sorts of articles were very rare until 2005. So things are changing.
In your position, I might make "low ball" offers. Most will be turned down, but eventually you'll get a bargain from someone who really needs to sell.

Why not stress the positives?

2006-04-25 08:54:58 by drbeede

This is still a great market in most areas of the country. I could write an article right now, quoting hard facts and statistics, to back that up. It would be just as truthful as what the Post just ran.
The only really alarming number is the inventory, and even that's still not out-of-line with historical standards, at least not in the DC area. If sales are dropping, that's only relative t...eal estate investing and not stock investing? The print media relies heavily on real estate for income, far more than on stocks.
P.S. Try reading two newspapers or watching two evening news broadcasts. I'm not claiming it's a conspiracy exactly, but there's a lot more similarities than one might expect. The lead stories are often all exactly the same and they're not what I would've chosen.

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This year, 1,500 seasonal Kaman's employees will serve guests at 500 concession locations within 42 parks; another 600 work year-round at Florida and California parks, said Rich Kaman, 63, executive vice president, co-founder and co-owner.

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