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Posted on December 23, 2013 – 02:23 pm

Everglades 2A trip to Florida with children you tried?So find reviews of Aurelia,which is part of this year with her ​​family exploring this region of the U.S. ...

Can you present to us the age of the children on this trip and year of travel in Florida (USA).

We are a couple who loves to travel,usually with the backpack without very precise planning road ... With our first child (gabrielle,5 years now),we visited Thailand in this way,with the little that n ' was not 2 years in baby back door ...
But now we have two children, and wanted the opportunity to free the plane before 2 years from the second to the family, this time in the U.S. (a good plan of cheap tickets to Miami via private sale- made. com we choose this destination).
We started in February / March 2012 and at the time of the trip,so they had five years and two years less a few days ...!

How did you prepare for this trip to the U.S. with the child and how did you travel?Orlando 1 (Organized tower,hotel,camper,backpack ...)

We bought airline tickets before,prepare the passports of everyone,book a car (26 days) and thought to set the required "visa" of $ 14 per person (including bb!)
And essentially,two backpacker guides,one for florida,another to louisiana,because being on U.S. soil during Carnival in New Orleans,we have added this step in our draft road trip!
The USA is a very easy country (the moment we speak minimal English!),There are no plans to tour,any more than in any other country for that matter,our priority is to be maximum in touch with the local culture ...
We scoured the guide,by focusing on the areas that we do not want to miss,making pride to places that would be of interest to children of course!
Then arriving,the route was a natural,we have many rolled away, but it did not seem insurmountable,we have two big trips (to go up louisiana and return),but then we not traveled much (2h 3h max) and most importantly,staying more than three weeks,we have enjoyed many things as possible.
Children adapt quickly and the car rental company that has granted us a huge 4 * 4 instead of what you booked,they had plenty of room to play and sleep!

Or did you sleep? (If you have good addresses to share,let us know)
We stayed mostly in motels, B & B does not accept small (too noisy! Sic) that we found a shame,because we usually travel sleeping homestay or small pensions.
Here we went to the economy and especially the practicality,motels with 2 beds for the price of a room (motel 6 days inn knights inn)
No real favorite for those motels,but the New Orleans allowed us to join the center by bus in 10 minutes,leaving the car,which has changed us!
monitoring especially,hotel guides found in gas stations and guest services,full of discount coupons (not always used,we were in high season) - the site of Motel 6 was useful.

Do you have any good places to eat?

We feasted in Louisiana,for those who love crawfish! Huge plates of boiled crawfish for $ 5-10 (on the road plantations,to see in the GDR) in a small restaurant not much to look at,a real kitchen!

Otherwise,we avoided the macabre,kfc and others,and found some good things in the Cracker Barrel chain (very good,cheap and great scenery) and golden corral (huge buffets,cheap and with real grill will),Cici's pizza (at will too),sonny's for ribs (oh my),the IHOP (house of pancakes) for breakfast,donuts (it is not the country of homer simpson still for nothing !!).
in all,you can eat very well or very badly,but I think it comes quickly expensive there (I saw restaurants specialized in lobster,but prices are not displayed outside,I don ' have not dared to dinner!)
equilibrium level,they tend to serve fries or mashed with pizza,to give you an idea ... and salads are paying extra))

miami 5

Source: www.voyagesetenfants.com

Palm Beach County CVB.(Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau Information on Palm Beach County, Florida)(Brief Article): An article from: Association Management
Book (American Society of Association Executives)

I'm in Tampa right now, was thinking of

2005-01-19 17:50:36 by whatchagonnado

Buying real estate here because the prices can't be beat, but:
- there's still plenty of open land to keep building out into - and Tampa is one of the biggest cities in Florida.
- the job/economy here isn't the greatest. Despite being a non-liberal state, there doesn't seem to be much economy here other than tourism. And Walmart/service jobs.
- JP Morgan just laid of 1200 peopl...otjobs). I'm in tech, and can't find work here (and this is supposedly the "tech center" of Florida), so I'll probably move back to CA.
- Sinkholes, hurricanes, horribly humid and hot summer weather, and a totally flat (and, to my native Californian sensitibilities, totally boring) natural environment leave a lot to be desired in terms of location.
Just my 2 cents, from someone here.

Some links

2005-12-16 09:10:51 by drbeede

If you want collective opinions, here's what the mainstream experts in the field think:
I don't think they're too far wrong for the country as a whole. However, what they fail to say is that there will be housing categories, and entire regions, that will more crash than stagnate. My general rule of thumb is "the faster they went up, the faster they'll go down." Sometimes called the arrow e...on relative to inflation. I don't see these high inventories going away any time soon. The constant stream of "bubble" articles in the mainstream press doesn't help - these sorts of articles were very rare until 2005. So things are changing.
In your position, I might make "low ball" offers. Most will be turned down, but eventually you'll get a bargain from someone who really needs to sell.

Why not stress the positives?

2006-04-25 08:54:58 by drbeede

This is still a great market in most areas of the country. I could write an article right now, quoting hard facts and statistics, to back that up. It would be just as truthful as what the Post just ran.
The only really alarming number is the inventory, and even that's still not out-of-line with historical standards, at least not in the DC area. If sales are dropping, that's only relative t...eal estate investing and not stock investing? The print media relies heavily on real estate for income, far more than on stocks.
P.S. Try reading two newspapers or watching two evening news broadcasts. I'm not claiming it's a conspiracy exactly, but there's a lot more similarities than one might expect. The lead stories are often all exactly the same and they're not what I would've chosen.

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    I'm taking a vacation with my girlfriend in Florida in June and we're looking for fun things to do besides Disney and Universal. We'll be in Orlando for a bit, also Safety Harbor and the surrounding area, like St. Pete, Tampa, and Lakeland. We're even considering going to the Keys. If anyone has any cool ideas for places to go or things to see that aren't what the regular tourists do, please let me know! Thanks!

    • I love downtown Orlando. Downtown Disney and Universal's Citywalk. WonderWorks is terrible, by the way.

  • Avatar Lainey Mainwaring Any advice or tips on going to orlando in florida for the first time?
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    Im going to Florida on the 17th of june (next month) , im going with my family for two weeks and we have never been to America before. Im from Wales and there is 5 of us going. We want something we can all enjoy ! Is there any tips or advise you could give me please. We are going to the theme parks by the way and are thinking of going to a water park :)

    • There are many travel guides for Orlando, and you can even order free maps on the Florida tourism website: (there may not be time for the materials to reach you by post so use the online versions)

      won't have …s wonderful medical care but it isn't free or even cheap. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don't have medical insurance.

      I hope you have a great time!

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      Phew, good luck deciding!

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    We will be planning on visiting Florida and we are intere ….

    We have friends live in Florida, but I am not sure exactly what materials to ask. I do not want them to be buying anything. I am thinking hotel or visitor center may have some nice brochures and coupons ?

    • Well, you can find brochures, info, coupons, etc. by going on line to the various tourist websites. If you do a search for "Florida tourism" or similar, or for the specific location to which you are traveling, y …vel guide to Florida. Or e-mail the tourism bureau of the places you want to visit and ask them to send you brochures. There will be plenty of brochures, etc., when you get to the airport in Florida or in the local towns.