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Posted on April 22, 2014 – 12:34 pm

florida keys sunset by travel photographer ben weldon This past April, we Traveled down south for a week of shooting in the Florida Keys.ice bucket of vintage coke bottles We spent our time building our new travel and lifestyle portfolio.close up of coke bottle and ice bucket full of coca cola bottles on dock DESPITE HAVING shot in MOST areas in the U.S. this was my first time visiting Southern Florida and The Keys and I was excited to experience the area.ice bucket of coke bottles on dock near ocean My goal was to capture beautiful scenes That showcase the relaxed lifestyle and I wanted to paint Those scenes in a vintage Americana style. My vision for the shoot included a dock as a key portion of the images. So we searched for the perfect location, and Were ble to secure an incredible house in The Big Pine Key with one of the longest dock in the Keys. To add to the vintage look, I was aussi ble to make use of the old school glass coke bottles Have Seen All which a revival lately. This was an idea I've been Trying to Incorporate into a lifestyle shoot for a while Effective visiting some antique stores in the Philadelphia area and seeing thesis bottles gathering dust in a corner. Apparently Coca-Cola HAS reintroduced a new version of thesis bottles into the market so we did not have to look too hard for 'em. I was happy We Were ble to bring together all the Elements into this shoot, the space, the props, and the style and am really pleased with the final images. Below are just a FEW of my favorites from the shoot.

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couple kissing in water next to two vintage coke bottles by advertising photographer ben weldon man with coke bottle on beach near a dock coca-cola cap in the sand couple sits on a dock in florida

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Traveling with dog Part II

2006-02-11 15:02:19 by Denverdog1975

I have only had two bad experiences at airports with my dog on leash. One was the security screener at Philly who screamed at the top of her lungs to put him back in the bag. The other was a gate attendant at Delta. I kept walking both times like I didn't hear them. I was exiting the airport anyway.
Finally, if you think it's ridiculous that people would choose a dog based upon size, plea...uite frequently to see family and for pleasure), it's just easier for me to take the dog along.
Here's a picture so you can compare sizes. This picture was taken at sunrise Christmas morning at my parents' house.
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Let me count the ways...

2007-07-14 09:08:41 by helpingdads

Here is one (1) example of someone working for cash, under the table and living well...
Skank does nails... she rents space at a salon, and all of her payments are either cash, or checks made out to "cash". Her average charge is $35.00, plus tips. She worls 40-hours a week.
This is how she hides her money... she had her brother-in-law finance the condo she lives in, whic hshe gave hi...stay on it, and try to think like they think...
For soemone who earns $7000 a year, she pays a $1,000 a month mortgage, condo association dues, has a 2007 Pacificia, and I could go on and on. But I think anybody who reads this will get the point... Oh~ She does get child support, for easy math, let's call it $4,000.00 a year...
Do the math, people! IT can and is done all the time....

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