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Posted on January 16, 2014 – 08:52 am
FCA and FCS Travel to Live Oak, FL to Rebuild Homes | The Endeavor

U.S. Department of State on incineration, "the Koran" incident issued a travel advisory against U.S. citizens abroad to prevent an event could trigger anti-American wave of demonstrations.

Originally intended to burn the 911 anniversary of "Koran" in Florida Pastor Jones, in the outside world under great pressure, which was announced on Thursday canceled plans to burn through. But after the State Council has issued a travel warning.

U.S. State Department communique issued warned recently about burning, "the Koran" program after the news, Afghanistan and Indonesia and other countries there have been protests, "Some protests also more intense."

The statement said: "An even more protests and demonstrations may still be quite large, some protests and demonstrations may become violent activities and we urge you to focus on the situation of local reactions may occur demonstrations avoid visiting areas."

The U.S. State Department also said that the government facilities throughout the world, still in strengthening state of alert.


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Fun poll: Lottery winner!

2006-03-02 14:02:15 by synchronicity

It's your first day as the newest mega-million-dollar lottery winner. You've already checked the numbers, cashed the ticket, had your picture taken at the press conference with the giant check, and the cash is now in your bank account. You've printed out an ATM receipt and your balance reads, "$20,000,000."
You've been a millionaire for exactly one day. What is your day like?
Me: 7pm. Meet friends at dinner. Wine and dine them.
10pm. Go home. Set unpacked electronics in middle of floor. Shower, check bank balance again.
11pm. Go to bed.
Sounds like a boring day, but hey!

Self-employment with The State Of CA

2013-01-09 10:27:21 by VigideParis

Hi ~ California's State Controller's Office has work that's done from home. 1000's of people are needed across the state. ~ The positions are called 'heirfinder/investigators'. This work is about unclaimed funds; you'd be helping owners of claims to receive money that belongs to them that the state has been holding without their knowledge. I've been doing this work since 2006. The state does not...y a house & a car in the same year because you get to choose the dollar amount of the claims that you want to do. I learned how to do this work on my own through some free websites that I discovered during my first 1 & 1/2 years. Here is the phone number & website to the 'SCO: 1-800-992-4647; If you need more info, I have an ad that I posted in the community/'classes' section of CL. ~ Good luck!

Would it be TOTALLY idiotic

2003-09-12 17:56:25 by loosygoosy

Ok here is my dilemma: my boyfriend of 6 months is an illegal immigrant living in California. I live in Florida. Since 9/11 he hasn't been able to travel anywhere because he doesn't have an ID. So we hardly ever get to see each other. We want to travel together and see each other often but we can't because he is trapped! So.... would it be crazy for me to marry him JUST so he will be free & we can travel anywhere together? I don't think our relationship will last forever, but couldn't we just get a divorce? Wouldn't this be an incredible gift to give to him?

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    I see so many young adults showing off their life on Facebook trying to make them seem so exciting and wealthy. Some of these people are still in college and have a part-time job or no job at all, or they recently graduat …ement. I have traveled to a few places, but it's far and few between because it costs money for hotels, gas, food, tickets, ect.I am 24 with a career job and am independent, so I can't just go on vacations anytime I want.

    • They may have jobs that pay a lot or maybe they get money from their parents to travel.