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Posted on August 6, 2013 – 21:14
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By Roxanne Jones, Special to CNN

Editor's note: Roxanne Jones is founding editor of ESPN Magazine and was vice president of ESPN. It is the general director of Push Marketing Group. Jones is an editor, reporter, award-winning writer and producer and has also worked for the New York Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She is coauthor of the book: "Say It Loud: An Illustrated History of the Black Athlete".

(CNN) - "A-Rod is the future of baseball.'s Exactly what the sport needs: a boy wonder Dominican with a look worthy of Hollywood, one of the game's best players, the best baseball paid only 22 . There is no doubt that it is our cover boy ".

That was my argument as editor in March 1998 that A-Rod will be on the premiere cover of ESPN The Magazine, next to Kobe Bryant, Eric Lindros and Kordell Slash Stewart (ups).

Who would have thought that would not live up to expectations? Never be the superstar we expected straight type. It seemed he could never leave his own ego to be a constant high level athlete. Who knew that 15 years later we'd be talking about Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose in the same sentence or arguing if the Yankees third baseman should be banned for life from baseball by ingesting drugs to improve performance and try to cover up their traps ? Maybe I just expected too much.

Currently, the major leagues (MLB) have agreed to suspend 12 players for 50 games for his relationship with the clinic Biogenesis, in South Florida, who allegedly provided drugs to athletes to improve performance. However, it was A-Rod, the biggest star involved in the scandal, who felt the full weight of the wrath of the MLB. He was suspended for 211 games until the end of the 2014 season. If the fault is confirmed, the 38 years may not return to play until you have 40. But according to the rules of baseball, A-Rod can still play starting tonight while appealing his suspension.

No matter how complete the story of Rodriguez, the unending story of cheaters in which was once America's pastime has been injured in the game and alienated fans.

"The trick you question the sport, " says Charlie Thompson, the Yankees fan. "I remember as a child, (Sammy) Sosa and (Mark) McGwire reached 60 homers. That was an amazing part of my childhood. At any moment I thought they were cheating. But once I knew they were using steroids, I left a bad taste in my mouth. Everything is false. "

It's a sad end for someone so promising. In 1998, A-Rod was an American success story. While my colleagues and I were presenting our rudimentary nervously ESPN The Magazine celebrated it, even with his 10-year contract and $ 252 million. (In 2007, the Yankees increased to 10 years and $ 275 million).

Source: cnnespanol.cnn.com

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