Tourism: a guide not idle

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Tourism: a guide not idle DR

Stéphane Cygler at a stage in Chicago.

Johanna Safar

August 6, 2009

Despite the grim statistics of tourism in the United States, Stéphane Cygler is full of French customers with the travel agency he founded a year ago in Florida, with targeted services, a weak dollar and the power sustainable attraction of America to the imagination.

Stéphane Cygler is on the ball. It has just completed its season for the month of July alone, seven groups of 50 people who traveled in the car, the east coast, from Chicago to New York with stops in Cleveland, Washington and Philadelphia Niagara. Either he counted, a departure both days.

The French contractor will now be able to take time to breathe for the first time since he created it about a year ago, Florida Travel and Co. The agency has an office in Paris and another in Miami.

" I'm not a tour operator, "says Stéphane Cygler. " The agency is called in the jargon a Destination Management Company, an incoming agency. It supports clients on arrival and arrange their circuitry in the card. "Because despite the explosion of Internet travel sites, it emphasized that " all tourists are not autonomous. There are always people who want or need to be met at the airport and accompanied ... "

At the beginning of the project, not the classic tale of the American dream but a family, since he decided to settle in the United States to be closer to her daughter Salome, 11, who lives in the Sunshine State (S Unshine State).

The French who ran a company specializing in event and business tourism could appreciate the ease with which he became an entrepreneur in the United States, but he admits he had a few shocks culture in the workplace. " It is true that business decisions are made ​​quickly here and it's significant, "he evaluates. " But sometimes it is difficult to customize services here because everything is formatted. "

Despite the decline in the number of foreign tourists to the United States, the French continue to flow, thanks in part to a still very favorable exchange rates and the attraction continues to exercise this destination. Teams Florida Travel and Co - July 13 guides - look at all If at full speed. "It is true that the recession has not lowered our business, even if on the contrary the hotels in Florida are very touched and are very large promos. "


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  • Avatar zig People live in Florida, I need a vacation / things to do info.?
    Sep 14, 2011 by zig | Posted in Orlando

    Not on line, but actually something tangible like

    Map that shows attractions and place to eat, etc.
    Fishing information and spots

    We will be planning on visiting Florida and we are intere ….

    We have friends live in Florida, but I am not sure exactly what materials to ask. I do not want them to be buying anything. I am thinking hotel or visitor center may have some nice brochures and coupons ?

    • Well, you can find brochures, info, coupons, etc. by going on line to the various tourist websites. If you do a search for "Florida tourism" or similar, or for the specific location to which you are traveling, y …vel guide to Florida. Or e-mail the tourism bureau of the places you want to visit and ask them to send you brochures. There will be plenty of brochures, etc., when you get to the airport in Florida or in the local towns.