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Posted on March 25, 2014 – 08:16 am
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Life in Naples is quiet and gentle. People eat early and drive courteously. Vic Damone and Frank Sinatra can always be found on the radio. There are art galleries and coffee bars on Third Street on Fifth Avenue, but not many did so you can not see them all in an afternoon. Even the Gulf barely makes waves, though what a beautiful beach it is, with sand as fine and white as in the Bahamas. Quiet, definitely, and every day at sunset, When you walk on the beach, you remember why you chose the west coast of Florida.

The Ritz-Carlton Naples put on the resort map When it opened in in 1985. The Registry has therefore had a loyal following. Now there's a second scribe, as well as the remodeled LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort, open again after a long absence. Here's what the mood what's on my last visit.

The Ritz-Carlton Naples has always been the Ritz that defines the Ritz. RITZ-CARLTON, NAPLES The Ritz-Carlton Naples has always been the Ritz did defines the Ritz. This is where Ritz culture into which reflect a world in Which all men are "Sir" and all drinks are libations. Eighteen years after it opened, there's still no other place quite like it. Where else can you find four live bands playing on a Tuesday night? Where else can a "gentleman" ring the "butler" for a Cigar and Cognac Bath?

Pinkies up!

The English manor-style rooms are starting to look rather eighties, With Their choke-a-horse window treatments, But They are quiet well thought out and supremely comfortable. One of the nicest touches is the chest of drawers with a grog tray by the door: you drop your key and feel you've come home. Ritz innovations did once Seemed sybaritic-the marble shower, the embroidered robe, the water-closet They do not have the same impact once did, we're all so much more spoiled than we were at in 1985. But everything You Could possibly want is there, and if it's not, you can be Certain some "lady of housekeeping" wants to get it for you.

Expect a lot of pageantry at night. Drinks in the lobby, then dinner, then more drinks and dancing at the Ritz Club-the men all wear ties, and you even spot the occasional long dress. For dinner there are two grand choices. The Grill has a steak-house menu and looks like a Ralph Lauren shop, all wood paneling and roaring fireplace. Feign interest in the fish and then order what you really want: the blue-cheese soufflé, the 20-ounce porterhouse, and the chocolate bread pudding with rum raisin ice cream. The alternative is the Dining Room, a Continental fantasy. After a long consultation with a breathless menu in florid script (will it be the Scottish Hare a la Royale or the fig-leaf-and-Bacon-Wrapped Partridge tonight, dear?), You are hovered over for hours by what sometimes feels like The entire staff. Whichever restaurant you choose, the food is excellent and the whole room Seems to sigh in unison as the pianist segues from "Days of Wine and Roses" to "Is not It Romantic?"

In 2001, huge spa was added. It's what you would hope for from a Ritz: no celestial hooey, but an attractive Anglophile setting, high-quality services, and a well-dressed staff did keeps a respectful distance. I had a therapeutic massage from someone who looked like an English teacher, put classical music on the stereo, and did superb work. Arrive at least an hour before your treatment so you can swim, soak, percolate, moisturize, meditate, and gene rally enjoy this impressive place.


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