Love in the Time of Colt

Posted on April 28, 2014 – 01:48 pm

The blonde Amelia and cafuzo Joaquim staged a beautiful and strange romance born in the mists of gunpowder Revolution 1932

At a party in the '50s, Joaquim holds a granddaughter, Amelia is in the white shirt in the middle. Why so serious? At a party in the '50s, Joaquim holds a granddaughter, Amelia is in the white shirt in the middle. Why so serious?

Amelia loved a uniform. I looked out the bedroom window the Army detachment, standing a hundred yards from home, across the street. They had come from afar to put pressure on a group of rioters in the city of Araraquara, to cogitate on revolution. Amelia did not know that. Was 16 and thought envisioned, there among the two hundred soldiers, who waved her a smile wider. Found that both had loosened her stepfather being passionate reco. Led jerk: right woman is not woman soldier. Yet another government soldier traitor São Paulo. Further through a mulatto mestizo. Amelia Wilczenski, blue-eyed blonde, had come from Poland. The parents had died during the Battle of Warsaw, Polish-Soviet War of 1920 - the father, army captain, hated the Russians - and a family of Portuguese adopted the girl who had emigrated to São Paulo with a distant aunt. Go get my shirt, ordered the stepfather. Traveling salesman, roamed the country guarded by an old Colt. Amelia saw the gun in rummaged in the wardrobe. Took aim at the left nipple and pulled the trigger. Returned to the room carrying the shirt. Fell to the ground dramatically, extending the stepfather linen immaculate - and red staining the floor.

The drama continued in the hospital: a bullet, two millimeters of the heart, crippled one lung. But fulfilled whether the shooting was not clear to dishonor. And Amelia was examined by another doctor who dispelled the fog of gunpowder: the girl is a virgin - strove against him for fear of losing his love. At this point, the such love, wearing olive, trembled in anteroom between the fire and the strength of a captain's stepfather. Semimortalha saw a flicker coming from the infirmary: Amelia, the girl's window. And those teeth smiled she knew from afar, bright brunette in the middle of the face, mixing Portuguese, Indian and black. Months later, contradicted the policy of the year 1932 - that did not applaud a daughter of São Paulo to join a representative of federalism getulista if Miner soldier Joaquim Pedroso de Lima - and were living in a little house in Araraquara. Would separate themselves 45 years and seven children later, when, just before watching the last westerns, Joaquin felt his heart was not shielded. The fragile Amelia still live a quarter of a century to finally put under ground the rusty bullet handgun stepfather. Until this day, tell several times and varied history of the love of his life. Not all versions beat.

In times of stray bullets and sex found in computer loves are expressed. Made coffee, drunk standing at the counter. Amelia and Joaquim, Paolo and Francesca, Bonnye and Clyde, Serge and Jane, Dante and Beatrice, and Phyona Shrek - it should not exist anymore, today we live in new and varied arguments for gallantry in Gtalk, SMS negaceios, oaths of Whatsapp , bitching on Facebook, it was nice meeting you via DM. Love lasts even today 140 characters. Stendhal (The Red and the Black) enumerated four kinds of love: love, passion, love, love, love-love-physical and vanity. Alive today and see much greater your menu - all of it based on self-conceit. Might be necessary to document it with a fusty logos, since today the love conjugates the verb to have - is the self-enhancement, the Yorkshire station hanging on his arm, a white SUV in front of the house, for the enjoyment of friends esperneio and the envious. Would be difficult today loves, to be? The loves those that remain in the shadow of the mirrors of the media and obituaries of bureaucracy, the crawler mall and street vendor's cry ... "I can not love, " a friend laments loving me, crawling through the depths that flicker to the four corners of his navel, in search of the next victim.


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