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Posted on January 27, 2014 – 01:10 pm
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I made a huge mistake. One mistake that a Neapolitan should never do. I went abroad for three days, and then I came back.

The error, in fact, it is even more serious. I did not go to "a foreign whatever." I did three hours by plane and landed in Stockholm.

I saw a civilized city and are still in shock.

There, do not throw the TVs fault on the street. There are mattresses abandoned on the sidewalk. I have not seen rusty washing machines along existing roads. There were no papers, cigarette butts, cartons, supersantos in the trees. There were no banquets cigarettes, dvd fake merchandise varies. There was no merchandise on the street that forces you to walk between cars. There were no cars parked on the sidewalk.

I have not seen a single policeman. There was no need. I saw the bike paths. The real ones, not those drawn.

At one point I had to take a bus. I went to the last stop, I saw a small building lit up, I needed some information and I entered. Will someone explain to me. Later I find a scoreboard. Number, time, lines. Then benches, chairs, reception and ticket. I get my news, clearly, in English, on a board and I to get out. I, who when in Rome or Naples I see a shelter, I get excited, I was convinced that the information taken, I had to find my bus andarmi outside.


That building was the bus station. He had the gate for each coach, for each line. Armchairs indoors billboards and revolving doors that opened to the departure time as if it were an airport and took you directly to the coach.

Which, of course, left in perfect time.

And in an even voice, a whisper, a little cry. Fifty persons accommodated, each in its place, in silence.

I've seen people get together without disturbing others. I've seen people say things whispered in a low voice, without waving his arms. I saw neat rows and patients. I saw all the taxi drivers with Pos, and all the shops require you to pay by credit card, please. I saw a bartender after me to give me the receipt. I saw a city almost completely self-sufficient in terms of energy, with renewable and alternative sources. A city with the heaters always on, and fueled almost entirely by the thermal destruction of 300 thousand tons of waste per year in the center, and no tumors or popular committees with the skull on the banners, with biomass and biogas used for buses to travel.

I saw the greenest city in the world. I have not seen dumpsters, trash collectors, garbage dumps, ecological islands, deposits ecoballe, and even horrendous bells for recycling. There is no need. It collects, building by building. Should differentiate. The companies are competing to buy plastic, paper, glass, and they give a lot of money to condominiums, selling the materials that you pay the costs.

Discharges, for the most part, they end up in huge tanks in the basement, where they are processed and then re-used as energy for gas cookers. Those purified and clear feed the sea.

I have seen solar panels on every building, in a city with no sun, and huge windows without curtains, collect all the light, and make it into energy. I saw harvesting rainwater and irrigation just to make the plants of the window.

I saw each one taking care of her piece of collective interest.


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