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Posted on March 17, 2014 – 07:16 am

FloridaHave you ever felt,when you buy a postcard (if you are still part of those who send postcards) that the picture is slightly misleading? The cloudy sky that you had during your vacation suddenly becomes of clear blue on the photo and the grizzled sea suddenly takes teal accents.Floride_2

Traveling Florida is back in the postcard, remember when as a child,the beach (palm trees,blue sky,yellow sun) and exclaim's draw: we therefore did not lie to me!Of course this reasoning makes sense if,like me,you grew up in the West and spent a lot of holidays in Brittany.Floride_4

The scenery does not end with the ubiquitous blue if one takes the trouble to go to meet the beautiful Florida wildlife.Alligators,lizards or large colorful fish are just some of the charming little creatures that inhabit the area.

About small animals,a visit to the world of the Great Mouse is needed for those who have geek tendencies or who kept their inner child.Neighbor of a sorcerer is a must also.

After these discoveries,it is nice to return home in a small house with pastel colors surrounded by palm trees.

You can imagine,this article is just a small teaser of our Floridian adventures ... after more details soon!

Floride_1 Floride_3 Floride_5

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More on departing from cancun

2007-02-23 14:53:26 by VNFun

Cuba: If you go
Getting there: The U.S. embargo on Cuba prohibits most U.S. citizens from entering the country.
However, there were at least four other Americans on my flight to Havana from Cancún; I heard them talking in the immigration line; they were discussing how to keep their visit to Cuba a secret.
As a courtesy, Cuban authorities won't stamp American passports, m...ss of the culture make it an appealing destination. Tourism will expand exponentially as soon as the U.S. embargo ends. Empty beaches beckon tourists and hotel developers alike.
A variety of factors -- from Fidel Castro's illness to the waning days of two Bush administrations (there's one in Florida, too) -- mean that changes in travel restrictions may come within the next couple of years.

Cuba is not prepared. Fla will not notice

2010-08-02 20:25:39 by LuxuryTravelGuy

Cuba can not handle the tourism it has now from the rest of the world. Currently, Cuba receives 2.8 million visitors annually. Contracts are already in place to buy up all the "Americanized Rooms" when Obama signs the Bill. Most of the people who have pre-registered with this company for the rooms are from Florida. This affluent traveler would normally travel to Europe, the caribbean or c/s America not Florida. If you have not already joined the Club to get the best rooms in cuba then you will be left to scrap it out with Canadians and Europeans for the "Below Tourist Class" accommodations which will be left at VERY high prices.

Surgical Tourism - safe & affordable!

2010-08-06 18:45:23 by CardiacNP

Did you know Cartagena, Colombia is only a 2.5 hour flight from Miami, Florida? Did you know that the standard of living in Cartagena, and health care available in Cartagena not only equals but exceeds that of many North American cities? Did you know that you can receive top-notch surgical care for a fraction of the cost of care in the United States? This is why many people are looking to...artagena, Colombia. This book provides concrete, and detailed information to help consumers consider, plan and execute a trip for medical purposes. This travel sized book also provides general health and safety tips for prospective patients to prevent medical complications while traveling. It also includes local, and internet based resources for the both the first time and the seasoned traveler.

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This year, 1,500 seasonal Kaman's employees will serve guests at 500 concession locations within 42 parks; another 600 work year-round at Florida and California parks, said Rich Kaman, 63, executive vice president, co-founder and co-owner.

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